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    Mr. Average

    I came upon this article on an evidently semi-defunct gamer’s blog, but it struck me as an insanely sensible, not to speak of workmanlike bit of modular terrain I might look into making myself:
    Reminiscent of some things I’ve seen others do around here, and I thought it might get some thinking/discussion going.  By the bye – this is aimed at Thaddeus Blanchette, here – I seem to recall a bit on making flexible road segments using silicone glue.  Where did that get off to?


    I have seen a few like that, but for me the interlocking zig zag pattern does not work.. 🙁

    Thaddeus Blanchette

    I made a couple of tiles exactly like that, except I didn’t put mdf board under mine to keep them from warping. Good idea, that. On  the other hand, mine were reversible: yellow on one side and green on the other.

    This is an excellent way to make terrain tiles. I eventually went with a cloth draped over them, however, because it’s even more flexible.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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