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    Avatar photoBuck Surdu

    I have posted some pictures on my blog of recently-completed figures for the soon to be released Wars of Ozz project, which will include both figures and rules.  See http://www.bucksurdu.com/blog and search for Ozz or Munchkins.  The setting for Wars of Ozz is a post-apocalyptic world with a limited number of mutations (e.g., wizards, great flying apes, and pumpkin men) modeled after the books of L. Frank Baum found in the rubble of a library.

    A view of Munchkin LandwehrThe bulk of the Munchkin army is made of Landwehr, but there are four named regiments.  The first is the body guard of Zoraster the Wizard.  The other three are named for colonels who can also serve as divisional commanders:  Colonels Sourdough, Ticktock, and Hardsoles.

    Colonel Sourdough's regimentI made heavy use of contrast paints for these figures as an experiment.  I am happy with the results, especially the Apothecary White for the white uniforms.

    Zoraster's GuardStay tuned for more information and battle reports.  As I am developing the rules in parallel with figure development, for many of the play tests we have been using ersatz figures.  The rules are coming along nicely.

    Warfare in Wars of Ozz is similar to the Seven Years War or Napoleonic Wars (without skirmishers and 92 types of cavalry).  I think most historical games will find it a nice, old-school set of horse and musket rules.  Fantasy games will find the rules an interesting take on fantasy gaming not set in a medieval period.

    Avatar photoMark Morin

    These pics are great – very nice work on the figures Buck.  I am looking forward to seeing the rules and diving into some of this – kudos!

    Mark A. Morin

    Avatar photoBuck Surdu

    Thank for the kind words, Mark.

    We have had a lot of fun play testing the rules.  We even played a game using the rules (but ersatz figures) on New Year’s Eve: http://bucksurdu.com/blog/?p=9469

    Avatar photoMike

    Nice tidy and effective.
    It is for me a refreshing change to see bases that are thin.
    I much prefer these thin bases, sometimes thick MDF bases make me lose my immersion as they stand too proud of the tabletop, so I like these.

    Avatar photoWouter Wolput

    Outstanding looking armies, these look amazing., excellent brushwork!

    Avatar photoBuck Surdu

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Avatar photoNathaniel Weber

    Very nice painting and basing, and a cool setting!

    Your post reminds me I need to paint my Albedo Combat Patrol stuff.

    Avatar photoBuck Surdu

    I look forward to seeing pictures of your Albedo figures and hear about your games.

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