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    John TreadawayJohn Treadaway

    Well, not Slammers as such but their mercenary opponents!

    Recently added to the Hammers Slammers website are two forces given a modern ‘retread’ for the Crucible rules.

    These are the Anders Legion with a new play sheet which allows access to the new range of miniatures from Brigade Models. They are now – in their Post 348 format – a nastier bunch of chaps.

    Also new are a reworking of the Guardforce O’Higgins. They – again – have a slightly later placed force in the timeline and that section of the site will give you some background detail plus links to the new play sheet.

    Again, you can buy these forces from the Brigade website which is where these images come from (I haven’t had a chance to paint any yet!)

    These are a fun selection of toys and I hope you enjoy playing the forces.

    John Treadaway


    "They don't have to like us, snake, they just have t' make the payment schedule" Lt Cooter - Hammer's Slammers
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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