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    With my terrain tiles now all done, some reinforcement for the fighters would be in order.

    The whole group, with a hovertank for scale.


    The new arrivals for SADU’s mech detachment, from left to right we have: a Starhawk VI, a Voodo and finally a Katana.


    The Starhawk VI is a medium class mech, armed with a set of rotary cannons loaded with APIT ammo in each arm and a pair of missile launchers on top for added anti-air/armor capabilities.


    The Heavy Katana mech is slow but packs awesome firepower. Two dual-linked fusion cannons make up the main armament, with two missile launchers as back-up if any unforseen threats should appear.


    The Vodoo is another medium mech, faster but lightly armed compared to others of it’s class. Made for scouting and flank attacks, the Vodoo has a pair of double-barreled cannons sitting on each shoulder as well as a chin mounted dual laser for protection.


    Their principal opponent, the USS have also gotten some re-inforcements: a Falcon, a Regent and finally an Imperator class mech.


    The regent is pretty small for a medium mech, but don’t let that fool you. It’s speed and agility lets it outmanouver larger mechs, and from close range it’s rockets and multi-barreled guns can do a lot of damage.


    The Falcon is something of an odd mech, falling into the higher end of the medium weight class, but carrying a complement of weapons a fair bit heavier than most of it’s size. The railguns on it’s shoulders can punch out smaller mechs with ease, and even put a dent in a enemy heavy.


    Bringing the total up to two, the newly arrived Imperator will join it’s brother mech in the USS ranks. A heavy mech with two particle cannons, it’s thick armor and powerful weapons makes it a slugger to be feared.


    There are s few extra pics on the blog, and some of the 9th tile as well: http://lasersandbroadswords.blogspot.se/2017/05/the-completed-tile-9-some-extra-terrain.html

    Thanks for looking!



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