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    As per https://www.napoleon-series.org/military-info/battles/Borodino/Mikaberidze/OrdersofBattle/c_MikaberidzeOOB1.html in 1 figure = 60.

    My army is above the Borodino numbers, maybe more up to a few months before the battle but filled out the oob to the unit works to make up games with.

    II & III Corp

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    1st Reserve Cavalry


    2nd &3rd Reserve Cavalry

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    And my Cossacks


    All in all Cossacks have 2 substitutions, my Tatar Uhlans are filling in for 2 Tatar Cossack regiments, but as said my Cossacks are well over numbers even discounting those 2.

    My infantry and artillery are correct, one of my oldest cavalry regiments,  Seversk Chasseur are filling in for the Irkutsk Dragoons

    But that’s about it, oh other than 2 regiments of Cuirassiers are actually Prussians and were useless there, did best conversion I could making great coats from their kollets

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    Very impressive !




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    Very nice.

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    According to Alexander Mikaberidze’s oob the 1st Western Army had 82,400 men and 438 guns, in Empire rules a gun is 1 artilleryman figure, so this should be 1,373 figures including 438 artilleryman which needs to be prorated back to the 1=60.

    In his numbers as I understand it, Cossacks are included, Militia are not. Also seems to be missing the 3rd Reserve Cavalry Corps numbers but at least whatever is left should be theirs.

    Having all in theory tells me what the 1st Western Army had at Borodino.

    The III corp was weakest

    3rd corp 10,800 men have 17,260
    (Gren 141 figures
    3rd Div 142 figures + 17 Militia( not counted), +280 artilleryman
    +108 figures

    VCorp seems to be as good as it gets due to being at full strength

    V corp. 17,250 men have 17,152 counting in artilleryman
    (Gd div 209 + 800 artilleryman
    Gd cav 60) +212 artilleryman


    Either way, not doing a historical battle, wonder if those who are get this close, just Units I toss into battles with if I want already made up oob.

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    Either way, not doing a historical battle, wonder if those who are get this close, just Units I toss into battles with if I want already made up oob.

    I understand what you are getting at, but I detest the ‘magical’ rule of ‘Rules’ and ratios. And yet I’ve spent more than half my life dealing with statistics and electrical physics.

    The dogma of ‘exactness’ in numbers by ‘Rules’ is mind-numbingly tedious- if ground ratios were used what height should figures be? Not 15mm or 25/28mm thats for sure.

    And yet look, when given an opportunity, 6mm-1/300 micro gamers still make toy like formations etc. And crow about how marvellous they appear… not!

    Yes I know, I’m not about to convert anyone and  I’m not the mainstream kind of gamer (any longer). My focus changed many years ago to merely creating the best impression of what I am modelling- the parameters have changed along with my [mis]fortunes and yes, I’m doing it for myself.

    I had often provided games- scenarios/ umpiring and usually supply the figures for friends or club games; encourage newcomers and provide information support to those who ask for it.

    From BP to Shadow of the Eagles etc. we use the relevant rules and gentlemanly play, to enjoy ourselves without the textbook/lawyer battles of the old days. McEnroes were a no longer…

    But yes I agree, representation and versatility is a better way of gaming [armies] than what I find in Barkerese like DBMM etc. with which I am dabbling a little.
    cheers -d

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