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    Angel Barracks

    I have downloaded a basic 3D software design program to see if I can get my head around the concepts and what not of 3D design for the wargames industry.

    I decided to keep it simple so tried a building, after about an hour of mucking about I came up with this:

    There are a number of issues with it, but for a first attempt I am quite pleased.
    I reckon in a few months I will be making more 3D stuff than you can shake a stick at.

    Alvin Molethrottler

    Is this the kind of model the files for which could be uploaded to Shapeways and then printed? Either way I too have tried such an endeavour as this and, to be quite honest, it broke my brain – so well done!

    Angel Barracks

    My plan is after a few months of practice, to make some buildings, get them printed and use them as masters for resin models.
    A few of my buildings are already 3D prints as masters, but doing it myself will save costs which means more models can be made!

    Alvin Molethrottler

    I like the balcony on that building, puts me in mind of a TV prog I watched about Mussolini, he commissioned something vaguely similar so he could pout and preen before an adoring audience. I totally want to see a little tin pot dictator on that balcony now lol.

    Lagartija Mike

    Alvin, actually Italian Fascist architecture is pretty cool. Unlike Speer and the grimjawed German school it has a bit of manic Futurism in its conceptual gene pool.

    Andy Cummings

    Well done Michael – looking good, I guess this means less commissions from you now 🙁

    The above model would be easy to print, recommend you shell/hollow it so you use less material, which means lower cost – especially through the likes of shapeways. As a nice trick for shapeways add smaller models inside the hollowed out building and attach them to the inside walls with a couple of sprues – this way you have paid for the volume to be printed with the building and then you are only paying the cost of material for the parts inside the hollow.  Also this way you only pay one setup fee for one model as all teh smaller models are attached to teh inside of the building.

    BTW – probably one of the best and easiest FREE 3d cad packages around can be found at onshape – sign up for their free tier – requires a bit of management in terms of files but its powerful and will get even better as they constantly add to it.  The free version is not crippled in any way.

    Oh it runs in a browser, Chrome and Firefix preferred.


    Angel Barracks

    Cheers, that is not good enough for printing, but it gives me hope that it won’t take me long to get to a standard I am happy with.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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