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    Angel Barracks

    Cancelling an order with a company.


    I placed an order a few days ago and have not received an e-mail that confirms this or the goods.
    Just checking you have the order and wondering when I should be expecting it?

    I used this e-mail address to pay via PayPal.

    Thank you.


    ————————————————— ————————————————

    “No you do not get an order confirmation. Any time you want to check that you placed an order you can check on the PayPal website.

    When your order is processed, you will get a confirmation that someone has looked at it.”

    ————————————————— ————————————————

    Not happy to have not received an order confirmation.
    Not happy there is no phone number or postal address on the website.
    Not happy they did not confirm they had the order, not happy they did not answer any of my questions.

    I have sent them an e-mail to cancel the order.
    I am expecting to have to raise it via PayPal, but fingers crossed.


    /moan ends.

    Guy Farrish

    Ah! A member of ‘The Customer is Always Wrong’ fraternity.

    I don’t buy off sites that don’t have a physical address or landline listed.

    Your complaint isn’t a ‘moan’, its a valid dissatisfaction with poor selling procedures and abysmal customer care.

    At least they bothered to reply to tell you they weren’t going to answer your queries.

    You did the right thing – Bin ’em.


    Andrew Beasley

    Fancy using PayPal – obviously too complex for them.  You should have sent a carrier pigeon and a postal order.

    It’s not hard to have your ordering system do such messages for you and it helps you keep track of what stage an order is at. I could understand many many years ago when basic shopping cart systems had to be built by hand on your website but even a simple ‘thanks for your order’ by hand crafted email would not have gone a miss.

    Name and shame (once you get your money back) – without this others could hit the same problem and the company never learns.



    Darkest Star Games

    I no longer list my phone as I was getting calls from faaar away time zones at (in my location) very late times that were usually cold sales calls.  I was not and am still not interested in SEO placement and definitely not from a phonebank in India at 3:30am…

    I always know when Paypal has done an update as it disconnects my cart from my webstore and I receive emails from people that did not get confirmations to their orders, which go out automatically when one goes through.  And God bless them as I’d have no other way of knowing!  I HATE that there is no warning when this sort of thing is done, you just have to be lucky and discover it.  No idea how many customers have bailed because of that sort of issue, you can’t get a confirmation if the order doesn’t go through.  Very frustrating.


    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    In the UK they are legally obliged to provide a telephone contact number and a postal address…

    Angel Barracks

    Refund arrived, very quickly too, just over an hour.

    Angel Barracks

    Apologies I tell a lie.
    After some rooting around I found a whole new menu that takes you to the proper site, which does have a postal address.
    So my bad on that.

    Angel Barracks

    oooh so after cancelling the order I found someone else who stocks the items.
    This second company have within 1 hour and 35 minutes, processed my order and marked it as shipped.


    As a more agreeable variant on “name and shame”, what about a board specifically devoted to naming companies that have impressed us with good service?


    The issue there is, I have had bad service from companies that people frequently rave about.
    If you say X was great, I could come along and say that actually X messed me right about, so don’t use them as you suggest.
    Then it gets ugly and or meaningless?

    Plus.. moar forums lovely.



    To be honest, I wouldn’t have thought twice about receiving or not receiving an order confirmation.  A notice that the order has been shipped would be nice and is appreciated, but as long as the order arrives in a manner that is consistent with what the terms on their website states, the terms of the purchase contract, I have no issue.

    If they state that I should receive a confirmation, and I don’t, I might follow up on it with them (though probably just check with my payment source to confirm the transaction).  If they don’t state that I’ll receive such an e-mail, then I don’t expect one.  Its just not that important to me.

    In contrast:

    I recently ordered from a company that sent two e-mails (from two different addresses) for most internal changes in the status of my order, telling me that; my order was received, pointedly thanking me for ordering and that my order was received, that my order was being filled, that my order was filled, that shipping information had been sent to the shipping company, and one telling me that my order had been shipped.

    Then, before I received my order I received e-mails asking me about my ordering experience, and would I review the product.  They also added me to a solicitation list that started sending me an e-mail every second or third day, which I unsubscribed from.  Kind of humorous, but annoying enough that I will generally avoid ordering from them in the future.

    I’m guessing that the difference in my perspective on this is a function of my age, and the days of waiting 6-12 weeks for my items in the days of snail mail.  My comments above aren’t meant critically (well maybe a little about the 14 e-mails from the one company), just offering a different view about the process.



    To be honest, I wouldn’t have thought twice about receiving or not receiving an order confirmation.

    It is a legal requirement in the UK for sellers to provide electronic confirmation of the order being received.
    Often that is a notice on the website which says it is so, but an e-mail seems best practice?

    I’m guessing that the difference in my perspective on this is a function of my age, and the days of waiting 6-12 weeks for my items in the days of snail mail.

    Maybe, though I am old enough to have used cheques in the post and ordering via a photocopied catalogue, but these days as tech advances so do my expectations.
    Especially as they had a website with a cart.

    They also added me to a solicitation list that started sending me an e-mail every second or third day,

    This is against the law and people must actively opt-in, not opt out.
    I too would be annoyed.

    In fact a company added me to a list and after a number of mails I replied to explain that this is a breach and they should think about how they handle their subscription as they could be hit with a fine for adding people without their permission.
    They got abusive and swore never to advertise here.
    So even when they are in the wrong and you advise them to be cautious, people can still be uncool.

    Oh well, just waiting on the new order to arrive.
    Maybe I will e-mail them…   😛

    Guy Farrish

    If you as an individual buy something from a company, they may be able to legally add you to their own mailing list for future similar items IF they have given you a clear chance to opt out and you didn’t. (This is the ‘soft opt-in’ from the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003, which sits alongside the Data Protection Act,  and the UK GDPR).

    It’s a bit cheeky, and people push it to the limit (along with the pages of ‘legitimate interest’ check boxes which are always checked to allow and flood you with ‘related’ ads if you miss the fact they exist on websites).


    You sure?

    “The GDPR requires consent to be opt-in. It defines consent as “freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous” given by a “clear affirmative action.” It is not acceptable to assign consent through the data subject’s silence or by supplying pre-ticked boxes.”

    But anyway. We digress, PM maybe?

    Guy Farrish

    I won’t hijack any more Jut to say you may be right – I know some ‘commercial advisers’ are arguing the PECR case but the GDPR should prevail I would have thought. (and would like)


    No more from me on this thread about PECR DP GDPR.


    woop, second company that posted the same day.. goods are here.

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