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    Victoria Dickson

    I painted up the first two zombies I’ve made, quite pleased with the result. 

    I haven’t decided on rules yet, I know I have a copy of Ambush Z and All Things Zombie lying around somewhere, I’ll need to look them out.  Or I may write something myself.


    I see TWW has an official tee-shirt!




    They look cool and I wrote my own Zombie rules for my Grand Kids to play.

    Victoria Dickson

    Are they somewhere online Kyote?


    No sorry but I can give you a ruff idea how they work.
    Humans move 3 inch’s plus one inch per pip on a D-6
    Zombies move one inch per pip on a D-6
    You need a games master to run the Zombies, the players run one character per player.
    Guns…Rifles shoot 24 inch’s and hit on a{ 456 }D-6 one shot per turn
    Shot Guns shoot 12 inch’s hit on a {3456} D-6 two shots per turn.
    Hand Guns shoot 12 inch’s hit on a {56} D-6 three shots per turn.
    Zombies grapple [ if in base to base contact] on a {6} once per turn.
    If the Zombie grapples they roll another D-6 and on a {6} bite and infect a Human.
    The infected Humans turn into Zombies on the next turn and take over running the other Zombies from the GM.
    It’s kinda The Sword and the Flame meets Abbot and Costello…
    Oh and every one rolls a D-6 and high to lowest move first….
    I’ll think of more later.

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    Victoria Dickson

    Thanks, that sounds pretty good 


    I use 15mm figures for my Zombie games as That is the only size scale i game with. That way all my terrain and buildings work together from Cave Men to Space Men. Rebel Miniatures make the ones I use along with Mall Cops, Survivors and Modern Military.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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