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    Avatar photoWhirlwind

    My WW2 collection is a bit of a mess and I am a bit unsure as to what to do next…I will do a quick run-down of the collection to illustrate:

    Polish Army 1939: Mixture of Scotia (the infantry, some vehicles) and H&R (some vehicles)

    Early War Germans: Mixture of H&R vehicles and guns, some GHQ infantry, some Baccus infantry and guns, some 2d6 wargaming vehicles.

    Early War French: Mainly H&R I think.

    Early War British: Mixture of H&R vehicles and guns, some GHQ infantry, some Baccus infantry and guns, some Adler infantry.

    Italians: Adler infantry only.

    Later War Americans: Mixture of Baccus infantry, vehicles and guns; some H&R vehicles; some 2D6 Wargaming Airborne

    Later War British: Mixture of Baccus infantry, vehicles, guns, Paras, some H&R vehicles, maybe some infantry and guns, some Adler infantry, some GHQ infantry and vehicles

    Later War Soviets: Mixture of 2d6 Wargaming infantry and tanks, Baccus infantry, tanks and guns

    Later War Germans: Mixture of Baccus infantry, vehicles, guns; some H&R vehicles, maybe some infantry and guns, some Adler infantry, some GHQ infantry and vehicles, some 2d6 infantry and vehicles, a few Irregular vehicles.

    Generally speaking, I am a size doesn’t matter too much type of guy, but I have gotten to the stage where it is just annoying & doesn’t look great on the table (some of the size differences really are pretty big). Most of it is painted, not necessarily well, but painted. All the other periods I do 6mm in are from Baccus*, with a couple of niche things from Irregular) which is great because occasionally units can cross between periods (where that is appropriate/relevant). I feel a bit bad from being so undisciplined in a ‘well it made sense at the time’ thing, but most of all, I am not sure what to do about it…options:

    1 – Sell/give away some stuff.

    2 – Box stuff off into mutually supporting collections (the Baccus, GHQ, Scotia and Adler more or less work together; as do the 2d6, Irregular and H&R).

    3 – Try swapping with someone else in the same boat.

    4 – Try harder to ignore the visual incongruences.

    The problem with 1 and 2 is that I will end up buying even more stuff; I am not sure there are many/any other people with 3; I am not sure I can do 4.


    (*well Vietnam is Irregular, moderns are H&R, SF is by Vanguar & Brigade…but ‘mainly’ true!)

    Avatar photoMike

    2.5, sort out into good size matches, buy more of your preferred make and sell the rest or swap them to get the needed ones.


    Avatar photoAdmiralHawke

    Your miniatures have to look right to you, otherwise you might as well be playing a board game or a computer game (both of which are also fun).

    This is clearly bothering you, otherwise you wouldn’t have posted about it, and that means its spoiling your enjoyment of your hobby.

    I know that I’ve lost interest in at least one of my collections because I basically don’t like the infantry figures. I find it hard to motivate myself to spend time painting figures or models that I don’t think look great (partly because I know my painting makes them worse, not better 😂).

    Option 4 is not an option. If it was, you wouldn’t have asked.

    I think you have to do Option 2 and see where it gets you. Can you get back to a point where you are happy with how the units you have on the table look together? You probably then need to pick the grouping that you prefer and then do as Mike suggests of trying to trade the ones that don’t fit.

    Better to give some of your units up than lose your enjoyment of your hobby.

    Avatar photoShaun Travers

    I have a similar issue that my ww2 6mm is acquired from different  people and also has different paint jobs and basing.  I am ok living with option 4, mainly as a) all the other options involve time and money b) it does not worry me too much and I actually find the different basing helps identify the various units from each other 🙂

    Avatar photoMartinR

    I have slowly been sorting out my 6mm stuff into things I actually need, and stuff I don’t. The former often gets re based and the paint touching, while the latter is piled into boxes which live on the very top shelf.

    I can cope with some degree of size difference (my stuff is HR, NavWar, Scotia, Irregular and some GHQ, Mainforce and CinC) but I’m afraid the size difference with Baccus would drive me potty. Their vehicles are 1/240, more like 10mm.

    If you want to stick with Baccus, I’d seperate them out into particular units/periods/theatres. That probably means buying some more Baccus stuff and selling or storing the 1/300th scale stuff.

    "Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" - Helmuth von Moltke

    Avatar photoThuseld

    All of my 6mm WW2 is H&R or Irregular. Baccus has always scared me due to the massive size, while GHQ just feels expensive. No other manufacturers have appealed to me, except for 2D6 but that was too late as he shut down.

    I would go with a mixture of 1-3. Separate as much as you can and work out what you can accept. Give away what you want. There is no point in not wanting to put games on, or disliking the games because you are unhappy with how it is going to look.

    Avatar photoWhirlwind

    Thanks all for that advice. I will look to begin acting upon it this weekend!

    it seems like 2d6 Wargaming is back in business(!). I think he might need to do a little more advertising, I had no idea that the situation had changed!!

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