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    Graham Harrison

    In the latter part of 2017 I found myself in that common wargamer’s situation, that of pondering what to do next. After all, I only had 3 major projects on the go and they were all nearing completion (or at least what would pass for completion until I saw something new and shiny for them). So I decided to construct an opponent for my 10mm War of the Spanish Succession French army. There was no desperate need for this, three guys at my local club have opposition armies, but, having been caught out in the past, I now make it my policy to have a usable force for both sides in any period/scale I collect. all three opponents were geared towards the Northern European theatres, being an Anglo-Dutch army, an all-British army and an Imperialist army. After staging a re-fight of the Battle of Almanza earlier in the year, I was rather taken with the somewhat neglected Spanish theatre for this war, so decided to base my new army there. The Confederate effectively had two field armies in the peninsular, one based in Portugal and one based in Catalonia. I decided to go for the army based in Catalonia, as I had already had 5 battalions of Catalan infantry.

    I’ve started to chronicle my efforts on my blog http://grahamsgaming.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/a-confederate-army-for-war-of-spanish.html
    The first few posts should be quick to get online, as I already have some of the units finished, or at least just requiring basing.


    A great theatre to game and a good start to the army. We are doing the 1710 campaign at the moment, as a series of connected battles. Look forward to more.


    Thanks for this,Graham– I was not aware of the Catalonia booklet, and immediately downloaded it! I’d read good things about the Dorrell book, and your comments have pushed me over the edge there, too.

    I do WSS in 10mm also, though mostly with Old Glory, as I prefer working with the strips. But yours look great, and very colorful. Of course, it was a colorful era.

    If I’m spared, I hope someday to build a couple of small armies for Spain in 25mm, using the magnificent Ebor figures.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work.


    Graham Harrison

    Thank you gents. Any pictures of your 10mm armies around?


    Hmm. Well, my photography is limited to my phone right now,  but here are a couple of somewhat out of focus pics:

    No claims to masterly painting either, but at least you can get an idea of my basing method– I call it “no-base-basing”. 


    What a wonderful selection of armies, cheers for posting.

    Graham Harrison

    Nice one Hafen von Schlockenberg.

    Four more pro-Carolean Spanish infantry for my new army. https://grahamsgaming.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/a-confederate-army-for-war-of-spanish_14.html

    I will be twiddling with the flags to make them “wavy”, when I get a roundtuit.


    Thanks, Graham; in  my case, since the OG flags are cast on, the only “twiddling” I can do with mine is to try to improve my painting.

    On to the obvious next question: what rules do you fellows use?

    Graham Harrison

    We use Black Powder, with house rules, which works for us.


    Interesting. I’ve never played that set. If you don’t mind a little more pestering, about how many units would you say one player can comfortably handle, using those rules?


    My goal (at this point more accurately described as “dream”) is to do Blenheim with something close to all the units actually present. With 5-6 players, each would need to control 20-30 units (it seems doable,space-wise,as my batallions and cav regiments have three-inch frontages).

    I’ve experimented with the SYW Shako variant, as it was designed for about that level. It may need a few tweaks, and would probably seem too “generic” for WSS aficionados, but it’s simple enough for my simple mind. 

    Graham Harrison

    For an evening game at the club, with 2 players, we usually use about 15-20 battalions of infantry and a similar amount of cavalry a side. that usually works for an evening game.

    I ran an all day refight of the battle of Almanza, with 4 players. That used about 50 battalion of infantry on each side, plus 30-40 cavalry units. Four of us managed it in a day with no problems.

    I tried the Shako variant some years ago and didn’t like it much, but then I’m not a fan of Shako anyway.

    There is a write up on the Almanza game here http://tringwargames.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/games-day-battle-of-almanza-25th-apr.html

    Graham Harrison

    Some more infantry, this time two Dutch battalions, one from Bruhese Regiment and one from Friesheim Regiment. Dutch regiments in Spain consisted of two battalions, but it would be a bit dull to field two identical units, so I’ve done one from each. http://grahamsgaming.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/a-confederate-army-for-war-of-spanish_17.html

    Graham Harrison

    Now for the start of the mounted contingent, a unit of dragoons (from the excellent League of Augsberg range) and two cavalry units. http://grahamsgaming.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/a-confederate-army-for-war-of-spanish_21.html
    Looking at the dragoons makes me think I really should get some more of these to replace my current French dragoons with these little beauties.


    Very nice Graham, very nearly inspires me to get on with my 6mm Baccus WSS project

    when I get a roundtuit.

    I’ve been looking for one of them for years …. let me know if you find one …



    Ah,thanks for the response, Graham. Sorry I was late getting back–I’ve been reading through a recently-purchased stack of fantasy novels, to the neglect of forums.

    The few BP games I’ve seen in play were using many fewer numbers of units than you describe, though admittedly they were at shows, which would make it understandable they would cut down on the size. I think I need to look into them.

    The new units are looking good!



    Graham Harrison

    Thanks gents.

    cmnash: I’ll look forward to seeing some pictures of your Baccus project, they are very nice 6mm figures.

    Hafen: Start off with smaller armies, say 20 or so units on each side until you are happy with the mechanisms. After than you should be able to handle 40+ units in an evening.
    We had added various house rules, the main one being to reverse the order of moving/firing. We also restricted the movement of infantry to a wheel at the start of the move, otherwise straight ahead.


    An other wonderful body of men and horses, thanks for sharing.

    Graham Harrison

    Every army needs a commander, so here is my Confederate general, together with some of his staff and bodyguard. More details and pictures on the blog http://grahamsgaming.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/a-confederate-army-for-war-of-spanish_23.html

    I’ve also added flags to my Dutch regiments.


    Excellent high command stand, Graham! Though,as a Yank (or should that be “Reb”?) I was at first a little non-plussed by “Confederate”.

    I’m always looking for ways to get more variety in these things. I have the OG Mounted Generals pack, but they don’t do any dismounted. I take it these are the Dismounted Command Tricorn figures from the Pendraken LoA range? I wasn’t aware of them, so thanks for bringing them to my attention.

    As a matter of fact, when I lamented the lack of dismounted French Dragoons for WSS from either OG or Pendraken on a TMP thread,  Leon came on and pointed out that the LoA line had them.  I should have been looking through his catalog more closely (though Leon was gentleman enough not to mention that)!

    Some of my Generals are going to be appearing in the field with more of the creature comforts to which they are accustomed, to include a softer seat and favorite mistresses and various hangers-on, courtesy of the Carriage and Civilians packs.

    BTW,in browsing through the Pendraken site, I see they have a couple of casualty packs. One from the AWI range:

    And a Dead Horse pack from the Napoleonics range:

    Very useful for markers.

    And thanks for the tips on BP. I’d certainly agree on limits for wheeling  units. Linear warfare was clumsy at best; trying to maneuver batallions without even cadenced marching must have been a nightmare.

    EDIT: Aha– I see Pendraken have put up pics of the carriage and civilians:

    I doubt my attempt on the carriage will come up to that level– for those who might be interested, note that it’s one solid lump of lead,so painting will be a challenge, at least for me.

    Though I’ll venture a prediction that, if someone hasn’t already done so, a 10mm carriage in kit form will be appearing in the future, as this scale grows in popularity, and increases in range and detail.  Anyone else remember when the faces on 15mm figures were featureless blobs with a bump in the middle?


    Very nice models, thanks for sharing.

    Graham Harrison

    Thanks gents.

    Hafen, my French General will not take the field without his creature comforts, so he has his coach and mistress in tow!


    Oh, nice — you’re way ahead of me!

    (Looks like the curtain’s drawn– I wonder what goes on in there)?

    Graham Harrison

    I have finally managed to get back to this project, after a prolonged gap. With the next big WSS game scheduled for mid-May I need to get the Confederate army finished (by “finished” I mean the word very loosely, more in the sense of enough done for this game).

    More pictures on the blog http://grahamsgaming.blogspot.co.uk/2018/04/a-confederate-army-for-war-of-spanish.html


    Oh, nice — I especially like the Palatine regiment. I’m going to have to check my OB’s to see if I can justify having one.

    Graham Harrison
    Graham Harrison

    We played a refight of Saragossa 1710 at the last Tring Club Games Day, it was a lot of fun.

    A lot of photos on the Tring Club blog http://tringwargames.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/10mm-war-of-spanish-succession.html
    but here’s a couple to be going on with.


    Excellent thanks for sharing.

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