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    Michael Collins

    A while back, I felt that I needed some Illyrians for my Alexandrian  Macedonian Army – some spearmen and skirmishers to accompany him on his tour of Asia Minor.

    I thought I might go for some spearmen too as my friend and I are keen on the idea of ancients campaigns and maybe some heavier Illyrian troops types might get involved too at some stage? Or there would be the opportunity to game Alexanders Balkans campaign… Anyhow, having plastics armies, I needed to find some Illyrians and as HaT hadn`t done them yet, I was forced to improvise and/or convert.

    The figures I had to chose from were; HaT`s Alexanders Light troops, Italian Allies, Carthaginian infantry (which includes Spanish & Numidian troops).

    Added to these figures are shields from the HaT Republican Roman Command pack and there were also some head-swapping between the various packs.

    Here are the figures after the swapping and glueing…

    Illyrian conversions/improvisations

    Distracted by rules writing, and other stuff, I left these for quite a while before taking brush in hand…


    ...and painting started on my Illyrians.

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