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    After the success of our first trial game of “General D’armee’ we decided to repeat the game, shuffling the sides around & substituting Swedes under Bernadotte for some of the Russians. Additionally, I added a third & secret objective to the two of the village of Falkenberg & the redoubt. This was only known to the Swedish-Russian players. Bernadotte, to ensure he was retained as Swedish crown-prince, could not allow heavy losses to his Swedish units.


    The Confederation of the Rhine army, under Poniatowski, march for the village & redoubt.


    Needless to say, the Russians led the way with Bernadotte & escort watching on.



    A polyglot force of Bavarians, Westphalians & Wurttembergers with a Polish contingent.


    The art of deployment….


    Under the cover of the Swedish cavalry, a Russian infantry brigade moves to hold their right flank.


    The assault on the redoubt

    The game, meant to go 10 Turns was wrapped up inside 9.

    Already holding the village, the Confederation of the Rhine army by a super-human effort, over ran the Russian battery in the redoubt, capturing the second (of the three) objectives.

    However, the Westphalian infantry brigade that had managed this feat was on Falter after three of its battalions were routed/retreating.

    The CotR cavalry brigade was in a similar position, also on Falter after one of its units was routed.


    In Turn 9, the CotR commanders diced to see whether the order of these brigades could be restored. Both failed the dice roll catastrophically, & both brigades were entirely dispersed, with all of the units being removed.


    Although the CotR army had two fairly intact infantry brigades, given the time left, the threat of the still intact Swedish cavalry & the proximity of the Swedish Guard Brigade to the redoubt, the Swedish-Russian army would have regained the redoubt & ended the game with 2 of the 3 objectives. Victory for Marshal Bernadotte’s army! (though I believed he called in a firing squad to deal with his unreliable Russian militia units)

    The rules simply work well. I made a few mistakes (eg not noticing an extra casualty dice for grapeshot etc) but these are now our group’s Napoleonic rule set.






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    Darkest Star Games

    Good show, the Young Sewde gets to keep his fancy hat for yet another day!

    Not experienced in Napies  myself, but how would you compare these rules to some of the other well knowns out there?

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    ! Not experienced in Napies myself, but how would you compare these rules to some of the other well knowns out there?


    Good question. No answer.

    We’ve used one set for 20+ years, finally deciding they were too clunky to continue.

    I researched as many other Nap. sets as possible: which means reading online reviews. It’s ridiculously expense & time consuming to try to play a bunch.

    So all I can say is we decided to buy the ‘General D’armee’ rules, learned them & have had two games. They’re great. Are there many better Napoleonic rule sets out there? Maybe….



    You’ll make me regret I don’t do Napoleonics any more! This is excellent and nice, thanks for sharing.


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