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    Anthony Miles

    A friend is planning on starting a French Napoleonic (not revolutionanary) army in 28mm and is looking for uniform information as an aid to painting figures. Where apart from all the individual ospreys would you look? Hoping to find a collected publication or such like that provides information on pre and post Bardin uniforms, if such a thing exists. I am aware of the http://centjours.mont-saint-jean.com/ website for the hundred days campaign but any other suggestion heartily welcomed.



    Jonathan Gingerich

    Lucien Rousselot’s  Napoleon’s Army is considered a reliable base, although the book is now  out of print and expensive.

    I have been disappointed with the accuracy of the Histoire & Collections campaign series for Russian subjects, but their French uniform series might be better.  The Chasseurs à Cheval volumes appear to gather a good deal of information together, for example.

    The Osprey on the infantry seem to be among the better Osprey offerings.


    General Slade

    The Rousselot book is your best bet.  Napoleon’s Army 1790-1815

    It’s not cheap but at around £50 it is the same price as five Ospreys and contains far more information (and considerably more colour plates).  It covers all the major troop types but its title is something of a misnomer since it only really covers 1804-1814 (there is very little about Republican armies and not much about the 100 days). There are also some odd omissions – there is nothing at all about the Young Guard.  However, despite this I think it will give your friend everything he needs to get painting his French army.

    Jonathan Gingerich

    Ouch! I assumed the US Amazon price would match the UK Amazon price, but it’t about double the price stateside.  Guess Americans need to purchase it from Europe…

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