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    Keith Barker

    I am looking for some ships to represent coastal convoys used in the English Channel during WW2 1940ish. These would be destroyers, cargo ships, colliers and the like. Suggestions as to what sort of ship please! I’m not sure what scale I want, but the ideal size would be 6cm for the largest vessel. Suggestions as to manufacturer (ideally European) please!




    Well, let’s see. A V-class destroyer is 363 feet long, which at 6cm is more or less 1:1800. Popular naval scales are 1:1200, 1:2400 and 1:6000. https://www.magistermilitum.com/ has a decent range in stock to give you some idea of what’s available.

    Don’t neglect shapeways for custom work. (I’m working on some custom designs of my own for 3d printing, but very very slowly.)


    Common Naval scales are 1/600 (Coastal forces mostly, too big for your purposes, but Skytrex, now available for Heroics and Ross have suitable merchantmen, Airfix); 1/1200, which has a number of manufacturers but models tend to be expensive, 1/2400, (CinC, GHQ, US based, MM (above) carry GHQ). Navwar have an extensive 1/3000 range but a somewhat old fashioned service model (there are other 1/3000 ranges eg North Head Miniatures on Shapeways) & there are 1/4800 and 1/6000 ranges, which are probably too small for your purposes.


    If you want to include German S-Boote and British MTBs in your game, I would go no smaller than 1/1200 scale. An S-Boot was 35 meters long, less than 1 inch in 1/1200, and MTBs were smaller.

    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

    Keith Barker

    Thanks for your help gentlemen.

    I have now been looking at 1:1200 Hallmark from Magister Militum.


    CB42 Hills Class Trawler 182ft 55m = 458mm

    CB52 Bangor (VTE) 189ft 58m  = 483mm

    CB61 Flower Class Corvette 205ft 62.5m = 520mm


    CBM2 Tramp (Belford) 135ft 41m = 342mm

    CBM3 Tramp (Ben Read) 135ft 41m = 342mm

    CBM4 Tramp (Annaghmore) 165ft 50m = 416mm

    CBM5 Tramp (Broomfield) 171ft 52m = 433mm

    CBM6 Tramp (Holme Force) 216ft 65.8m = 548mm

    CBM7 Flat Iron (Fulham) 234ft 71.3m = 594mm

    CBM8 Collier (Kylebrook) 245ft 74m = 616mm

    CBM9 Collier (Cordene) 284ft 86.6m = 721mm

    Do these seem reasonable for the English Channel during WW2 1940ish?


    I think of the Flowers as being mostly trans-Atlantic escort, but I know very little about the coastal convoys. Hill class are not in commission until 1941, and Bangor not until November 1940. But if you take them as representative of the general class, I think you wouldn’t be far wrong – I certainly wouldn’t spot the difference on the table!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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