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    rory crabb

    Greetings all.

    I’ve posted an AAR of a game of Naval Command on my site in which the Royal Navy took on the Argentine Navy and Air Force in a fictional scenario set during the 1982 Falklands conflict.



    rory crabb

    An updated version of the rules is also now available from the Wargame Vault… #shamelessplug :p





    No Royal Navy SSN’s included for balance purposes?

    The tree of Life is self pruning.


    Very careless of someone to let a CL get close to the carrier battlegroup ­čÖé

    Curious, what AA system did the destroyer use to shoot down the Exocet? I didn’t think the Argentinean destroyers carried any PDMS.

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    John D Salt

    Indeed, and I’m entirely mystified as to what Hermes is doing within range of Argentine fast jets, especially as the SSNs seem to be having a make and mend, and Argentine air targeting seems supernaturally good.

    And how is it that the Belgrano shrugged off three Exocet hits, only to be crippled by a single Sea Skua?

    All the best,


    rory crabb

    Definitely not the best circumstances for the British (No SSN, within air strike range etc) but hey, made the game all the more challenging.. 

    The fast jets were carrying out air-to-air re-fueling from a Hercules tanker and were being guided to their targets with help from an S-2 Tracker.

    The Argentine destroyer successfully defended against the Exocet by rolling a successful missile defence roll, this include s the effects of all defensive systems including ECM, Chaff and traditional AA weapons. However this was an extremely lucky roll in the game..

    The Belgrano was already quite badly damaged by the Exocets, the Sea Skua was more just the straw that broke the camels back and finished her off.


    Ok, you may want to limit the effectiveness of anti missile systems when used against ships other than the ship using them. For example, chaff was great at protecting the ship that deployed it, virtually useless for defending another vessel since its effectiveness was tied to the abilitu of the launching ship to manoeuvre relative to the cloud. Similarly, a number of ECM systems would be ineffective at defending anything other than the ship on which they were mounted. So maybe a couple of anti missile factors would be useful, one when the vessel is the target, o e when it is providing consort defence.

    rory crabb

    Other ships are limited to only one single attempt to save another ship per turn whereas the target gets to roll to save against every missile.

    In the AAR the ship was just very lucky, had any more missiles been fired it would have been useless.


    Any chance of a full force list? It might be interesting to run this with one of the other modern naval rulesets.

    rory crabb

    The forces I used are as follows:

    British Royal Navy (Carrier Group)

    HMS Hermes (Carrier + Flagship)
    HMS Exeter (Type 42 Destroyer)
    HMS Broadsword (Type 22 Frigate)

    British Royal Navy (RFA Group)

    RFA Fort Grange
    RFA Stromness
    HMS Andromeda (Leander Class frigate)

    Argentine Navy

    ARA Genral Belgrano
    ARA Santisima Trinidad (Type 42 Destroyer)
    ARA Hip├│lito Bouchard (Allen M Sumner Class Destroyer)
    ARA Piedrabuena (Allen M Sumner Class Destroyer)
    ARA San Luis (Type 209 Submarine)

    Argentine Air Force

    1 x C130 Tanker (On patrol at edge of area for re-fuelling)
    1 x S2 Tracker AEW
    4 x IAI Dagger
    6 x A4 Skyhawk





    Thanks – full air group of 16 SHARs I assume.

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