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    Avatar photorory crabb

    After extensive feedback and playtesting my new modern naval rules “Naval Command” are now available on the Wargamevault.

    Naval Command on the Wargamevault

    “Naval Command is a set of wargame rules for recreating naval battles with fleets of miniature warships and aircraft in the age of the guided missile and jet aeroplane. Covering the period from the late 1950s to the modern day or near future.

    The game can be played with fleets ranging in size form one or two ships per side to full sized battlegroups of ten or more ships. The rules can be used for different sizes of ships ranging from small fast attack craft up to super-carriers engaged in open sea battles or littoral and amphibious missions.

    The aim of these rules is to create a game that captures the feel and provides a fairly accurate recreation of modern naval engagements but is still relatively quick to play with reasonably sized fleets and does not require excessive bookkeeping and paperwork.

    The rulebook contains all the rules needed to play the game and fleet lists for a range of nations.”

    Further information and resources can be found on my website: rorycrabb.wordpress.com

    Avatar photoPatG

    Looks interesting – how does it compare with Harpoon?

    Avatar photorory crabb


    Its a much simpler gaming system aimed at providing a satisfying game within a few hours. There is a lot less “micromanagement” of various weapon systems allowing multi ship engagements to be played out quickly without the game getting bogged down.

    The game is aimed at in-experienced players or veteran players who want a quicker fun game.


    Avatar photorory crabb

    Hi all.

    Id just like to thank everyone for the great support I’ve had for these rules.

    They are now available for the special price of $8 by following the link below:


    Check out my site for more info and resources for the game


    Rory Crabb


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