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    The sixth Naval Wargames Weekend will be held next Saturday and Sunday, 8th and 9th July, at the Museum of Naval Firepower (aka “Explosion”), Priddy’s Hard, Gosport, Hampshire. Kick off is at 1000 on Saturday (gates open at 0915 for setting up) through to 1700, then 1000 until about 1600 on the Sunday.

    As always this is a weekend of gaming rather than a fully fledged wargames show. The emphasis is on playing, seeing and discussing games, so it is a fairly relaxed event.

    In the past the event has been free, but alas the museum museum are not able to host us for nothing so there will be an entry fee. This will be £5 for one day or £7.50 for both.In return for this, not only do you get two days of naval wargaming, but free entry to the museum (normally £11). We are also hoping, thanks to Nick Hewitt, to have a guided tour of the reserve collection (2 buildings not normally open to the public) on each afternoon.
    Games at the event will include: 1/1200 Napoleonic, Aeronef, 1/600 modern submarines, 1893 Pacific, Renaissance galleys, 1930s “What ifs”,1/3000 WW1, “Mad Max on Water”, and possibly the 1976 Cod War (if I can get my model collection sorted out in time!). There may well be one or to tables spare (or space can be made) if anyone else would like to bring a game a long Dreadnought Models (1/1200 dealer and books) will also be in attendance, and if past events are anything to go by then a number of attendees will be bringing books, games and models for an impromptu “bring and buy”


    It is a bit far to travel from Colorado but I am really looking forward to the pictures. What scale galleys are going to be used in the Renaissance game?

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    Very annoyed not to be able to make it. Hope it’s a great day, and I’ll look forward to the reports.

    Rory McCreadie

    Sorry David,

    No wheels! My van died on Thursday. So must look for a new one. That is life! and it comes before pushing ships on a table. Have a great time.

    Be safe


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