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    Mike Headden

    It has been flagged up on the Pendraken forum that the Navwar site is currently unavailable.

    Anyone know if this is a temporary blip or if, gods forbid, something has happened to Tony?

    If this is permanent then it will be a great loss to many of us interested in gaming things naval.

    If it is permanent I hope it is because Tony is enjoying a well-deserved retirement and not anything more serious.

    Anyone any info?

    “If the sacred chickens will not eat, let them drink!”

    Growing old is mandatory, growing up is entirely optional!

    Andrew Beasley

    Strange – navwar.co.uk as a domain name is no longer on the internet!

    Nominet (who handle the .co.uk domian registration / ownership) still say its valid and registered till Jan 2024 but I’m getting odd 303 errors (cannot complete) from Fasthosts who are the hosts the domain is registered with.

    Gut feel its just an error at Fasthosts (303s are normally a server sending something that does not make sense) and they are working on it (Sunday is often an IT maintenance or upgrade day).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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