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    Guy Farrish

    I finally got around to putting some figures on the table and playing a few turns of No End In Sight last night.
    It wasn’t the final iteration of what I am aiming for by any means – I think I am going for 10mm Pendraken stuff (although I want civilians at some stage – not sure Zombies and SF civilians will cut it, we’ll see). However that comes much later in Belfast, Last night we were in South Armagh.

    The figures were some Heroics and Ros I had lying about from other projects. So a very quick paint job, a very quick bit of terrain construction (lots of opportunities to tidy it up!) and off we went.

    Here was the basic set up

    Basic Scenario

    The Brits were a section moving up a rural lane to investigate a sighting of a possible IVCP (illegal vehicle check point) reported near the crossroads

    There were two bricks:

    Cpl Holland

    Pt Kirkham GPMG

    Pt Oldham

    Pt Noel


    L/Cpl Roberts

    Pt Lamb

    Pt Simms

    Pt Watts


    Lying in wait were a PIRA team from the South Armagh Brigade:

    Vol Murphy    Leader

    Vol Hughes

    Vol Martin

    Vol Carragher

    Vol Cumiskey

    Vol McDonald            M60

    Vol Mines

    Vol Dogherty

    Vol Meehan


    The rules did everything I hoped for and more. It wasn’t exactly as I expected but that was good. I probably made a few mistakes – I know of a couple and suspect a few others.

    I did tweak a few bits here and there mostly because I was shoehorning the rules into a very low level and because of the very precise and particular nature of the action in early 1970s rural NI.

    I had a very enjoyable time and next time I hope to expand and explore a bigger action.

    Thanks Ivan for a great evening.


    For a full AAR see http://corrigenda.pbworks.com/w/page/88728467/NEIS%201st%20AAR


    Rod Robertson

    Guy Farrish:

    A really interesting report. I am especially glad you talked about the game mechanics as well as the action. It’s useful to see how others manage the rules which I am still just learning.

    What were the Provos armed with other than the M-60 MG? The seem to have put up a pretty good fight against the British regulars.

    Thanks for posting and good gaming.


    Rod Robertson

    Guy Farrish


    Thanks  – yes I should have mentioned that shouldn’t I!

    I reckoned they had a mix of one or two older weapons left over form the  60s border campaign – a couple of Garand MI, a Thompson but mostly the recent  US imports- hence the M60 – AR-18 and AR-15s (although I am probably being a bit kind letting them have the M-60 – it would probably have still been a Bren this early on.)

    I confess I was worrying about just getting a run through rather than being precise about the year and the weapons available – I feel a bit bad about it now!

    Next time!





    Thanks for the AAR  Dude !!

    Just Jack

    Good stuff, and amazing what you ‘threw together’ with stuff you had lying around.  Looks better than mine!


    Guy Farrish

    Thanks kyoteblue and Just Jack.

    Cunningly bad photography is the key to making it look good! But thanks JJ – your blog as I said before has been inspirational.

    I’ve just given the hedges a bit of extra foliage  – I made the hedged road sections over last weekend after I bought the rules. The buildings are a mix of some old pre-printed ones I used to use for 6mm Napoleonics and some I drew on an old drawing program and printed off on card. I think the program and drawings disappeared with a computer that suddenly decided to give up the ghost and I which I hadn’t completely backed up.

    Another game is on the way soon with more elements involved.

    Best wishes


    Ivan Sorensen

    I’ll echo if that’s “quickly thrown together” I’d love to see you set up a table with love and care. Everything looks great 🙂

    It’s funny: When I wrote a “five man” skirmish game, people wanted to play bigger games, so I write a platoon one and people want to play smaller 🙂

    It’s a super interesting scenario though and it looks like the casualty rates were about what I’d figure for a “meeting engagement” like that. I have a feeling that you’ll probably get the most mileage for this type of urban combat of using a larger number of smaller (3-4 man) units.

    Nordic Weasel Games

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