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    No, not the bad film (yes it is shusssh !!)  😀

    But rather your forces.

    How long did it take you to paint up your army and even now is it ‘done’ ?


    Which army?

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    Ivan Sorensen

    I’ve finished one army ever 🙂

    Nordic Weasel Games


    My Laserburn Imperial assault group was begun in the mid eighties. I finished it last year. I don’t see any mileage in expanding it further at the moment, unless I can find some decent air support that fits the GZG high-tech grav theme of the armoured support. My Red Redemptionist Rebels that I began at the same time are still unfinished.

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    I’ve never finished anything.

    And even if I do, I’ll always want to add some more characters, or civilians of the same period etc, so…


    Guy Farrish



    That’s the problem with not having ‘projects’ – not sure I’d recognise ‘finished’ even if I had.

    I don’t lie awake at night worrying about it.



    Which army or fleet in which scale for which rule set?

    It doesn’t matter really as the answer with very few exceptions is no.


    The tree of Life is self pruning.


    Who, me finish an army !!! I still need to add that unit of left handed kettle drummers.


    Sane Max

    Unfinishing was my curse. My first ever army really was never finished. I deliberately fixed it

    1 – my armies are for a game. therefore I would choose a force size, bigger than I needed with that game in mind – say 4000 poins for WAB
    2- Divvy up the figures into units. Paint things by unit. I never start a new unit until the old unit is finished. Things I really really want to paint are last on the list. things I loath painting go first – a bit like the way I used to eat my veggies first when I was a kid, saving the meat for last.
    3 – do a schedule with tick boxes. Make it unrealistically easy, so I can beat my target, boosting morale
    4 – stick to it
    5 – when done give away the unpainted odds and ends you are always left with so there is never a temptation to turn those 7 pikemen into another unit of 20
    6 – put them in a box. NEVER EVER buy anything else for that army. I saw some lovely Hypaspists recently, and like a weak fool, bought them. But my Macedonian armies are all painted and FINISHED. So they will have to form the core of a new army. (suggestions welcome. Aetolian Greeks or something? Maybe I flog my disappointing pontics and try again? Not sure yet)

    Add to this the honest recognition that I am not that great a painter and never will be, and that it’s better from MY perspective to have a fully painted army I can play with than a 1/3rd painted army with some lovely paint jobs in it but mostly undercoated lead. I made the decision early to never, ever play with unpainted figures…. I have friends made the same decision, they base their figures, do a basic paint job, then improve them when they get the chance. If I did that I would never, ever finish them – So, I never, ever paint a figure on its base. My unpainted stuff goes on wooden strips, never a base… then I CAN’T play with them unpainted. Also, I would rather have a playable army than a perfect one, so there will always be a ‘ahhh good enough’ decisions on uniform types for instance.

    My eyesight is definitely not as good as it was, so I have decided to paint all my unpainted 15’s and never buy any more. This method ensures I actually WILL get them finished, someday. I painted 100 horse archers last time i had my painty mojo, and God almighty I hate painting horse archers. It took me less than 5 weeks to paint my 15mm ECW early parliamentarian/Royalist army ( Same units, different command stands).

    Ocassionally I allow myself a ‘treat’ and break my schedule – sick to death of painting ECW cavalry I moved the artillery up the schedule. Gosh, that was naughty, but my naughtiness still gave me my painted artillery, and I could go back to painting horses refreshed. (i really dislike painting horses in any scale.)

    I am a disorganised procrastinator by nature, I can only achieve my aims by this sort of brutal self imposed discipline. Others, with better organised minds may find this approach a bit sad. I know my club mates do.


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    • This reply was modified 4 years, 1 month ago by Sane Max.
    Sane Max

    (As a follow up, one thing I do that no-one I know does it sometimes strip and repaint an army. It’s WONDERFUL. The first time I painted my Marian romans, it took ages and I was deeply unimpressed by the result. After a few years use they were looking weary as hell. Stipping and repainting them was heaven. Imagine the same method as above, but with 4 stripping jars added to the front of the plan – Jar One – 24 Legionaries in Nitromors – Jar 2 – 24 Legionaries in Cellulose Thinners – Jar 3 – 18 Spaniards in White Spirit – Jar 4 – 8 cavalry in soapy water, and finally 12 light cavlry dry and ready to paint. Imagine it! every unit is already selected. No one needs flash trimming off, or puzzling over which unit they should go in…. it’s a joyfull process, and one that took me no time at all. By the time the last unit had completed the 4 stage strip and was ready to paint, I had finished a 3000 point WAB army in less than 8 weeks. One of my regular clubmates has been painting his Classical Greeks since my daughter was bloody 2 years old, and she is working for a living now.)

    Oh, and one last admission. I Only buy armies I know I can paint and will look good enough. Yes, I always wanted a 28mm Assyrian army. But those lovely shields? Or Persians. I would love a classical persian army. The trousers make that a no-no…. not a chance. That’s probably why I do not own a single figure between the AWI and the dawn of Khaki. Facings? Lace? Hah, me? No. But my Covenanters are a terrifying wall of hodden grey 🙂


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    Guy Farrish

    ‘I am a disorganised procrastinator by nature,’


    It doesn’t sound like it. Too b****y organised by half if you ask me.

    But I think you are dead right on your point 5.  The advent of bagged sales rather than buying individual figures ruined things for me. Those extra figures always sit mocking me to do something with them. I never seem to find people who want just three  Dacian falxmen or five voltigeurs. So what is the problem with investing another five quid to make up a new – oh! That leaves a spare Dacian does it? – well never mind – one isn’t a problem. Is it?

    (I’ve been painting Italian Wars pikemen since I was – well the Miner’s Strike was on. There is no end to pikemen).


    I’ll let you know when I finish.


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    --Abraham Lincoln


    Why would you ever want to finish?!!!

    Collecting is part of the fun…

    Victoria Dickson

    If a game has fixed maximum size (I’m thinking Armati which I used to play a lot of, or Neil Thomas’s various rule sets) then I paint all options for an army, so those are considered completed.

    How long it takes varies, I used to be able to do an Armati army in a couple of weeks to a reasonable standard (good enough that other people paid me to paint theirs too, those were the days…).

    Nowadays I don’t seem to find the time or motivation, it’s all half completed projects.  Which is good in it’s own way, when I feel like it there’s always something waiting to be done. 🙂

    Ivan Sorensen

    I had a Space Wolf army for 3rd edition 40K that was “finished”.

    Bought the figures (half used from a friend, half the new plastic sets that were just coming out) before a tournament.
    Painted them up and created an army list.

    PLayed the tournament, realised the army lsit worked well.

    Played the exact same army unchanged for a year and a half.
    Was a ton of fun really, learning how each model worked and never fiddling with it.
    Each squad had shoulder markings to show what squad they were in, so it took like 5 minutes to deploy.

    Nordic Weasel Games

    Darkest Star Games

    The only “army” I have ever completed was a 1:1 Ultra Marines chapter for the old “Space Marine” epic game, several moons ago…

    Now, I have finished various groups for various games, like some small strike groups/factions that were never intended to be large.  But for periods like WW2, Vietnam, and space battles the collection seems to just keep growing with esoteric additions (most of which hasn’t ended up painted!) and probably will forever and ever…

    …and I might start doing something Napoleonic, so we know that will also never end…

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

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