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    Welcome to another Yarkshire Gamer Book Review.

    In this episode I look at the new Deluxe version of the Wars of the Roses wargames rules which have been revised and expanded to cover different periods either side of that conflict including my favourite, the Italian Wars.

    I have been sent this review copy by the lovely people at Wargames Illustrated but as you would expect with Yarkshire Gamer I haven’t let that cloud my judgement and I go through both the positives and negatives (in my opinion) of the book.

    Overall I’m impressed, great production values, lots of great examples to guide you through the rules, lots of scenarios and background.

    I’m not a fan of the Italian Wars section, but thats probably because its my favourite period and I have my own views on it. Who wants to see their primary period of gaming relegated to 10 pages in a rule set for an earlier period 😆

    A solid 8 out of 10

    Regards Ken
    The Yarkshire Gamer

    The book is avaliable here


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    Avatar photoTony S

    Thanks for taking the time to give a good video review.  I’ve played a few games of the original, and quite enjoyed it, so I’m really looking forward to my pre-order coming in!

    Nice to see the page on differences between the editions.  As you say, handy for experienced players.  Lion Rampant 2nd edition did the same thing, and I found it very useful.

    Much appreciated.

    Avatar photoMike

    Much appreciated.

    Indeed, cheers!

    Avatar photowillz

    Cheers Ken, very interesting and much appreciated.

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