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    Under Fire Miniatures is proud to announce the release of the first four packs of a brand new range of British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) figures. They are…

    BAOR 1: Platoon Command

    This pack has an officer, SNCO, radio operator and a two man light mortar team.

    BAOR 2: Fire team 1 w/Carl Gustav

    This pack has a JNCO, two riflemen and a gunner aremed with a Carl Gustav 84mm MAW.

    BAOR 3: Fire Team 2 w/GPMG

    This pack has a JNCO, two riflemen and a gunner patrolling with a GPMG.

    BAOR 5: Light Support

    This pack has a rifleman with a trilux sight mounted on his SLR, a L4A4 ‘Bren’ gunner, GPMG gunner firing from hip and a two man Carl Custav team in movement mode.

    All figures will be cast in white metal and suitable for use in 20mm games. Appropriate settings are Cold War Gone Hot, Falklands Islands, Winter of ’79 and Northern Ireland.

    Below is a link to the online store where these new packs may be bought.


    I will happily answer any questions people may have and all feedback is appreciated.


    Bill Weston.


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