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    A few months ago after the release of our first personality figure pack we promised there would be more of this type. So we are pleased to announce the availability of item B-43 Highland Battalion Commander and Piper.  This is a two-figure pack containing a Lt-Colonel in Glengarry with binoculars around his neck, clearly keeping a careful eye on the progress of his battalion while his pipe-major blaws a braw tune in the background. The officer figure is not really based on any particular historical personage (honest!) but this is such an interesting figure pack that you would be mad to miss it!

    In the aftermath of World War Two, the Middle East was awash with weapons left there by the Allied and Axis powers. Many of these weapons remained in use for more than two decades; copies were also manufactured locally, either under licence or illegally. Such weapons were to arm guerrilla, tribal and even national armies until at least the 1970s. With this in mind we present pack R-46, Arab Irregulars in fatigues with WW2 weapons. This is a four-figure pack containing two riflemen with Mauser 98s, one armed with a carbine and one with a sub-machine gun. Just the kind of armament an irregular force might be equipped with anywhere in the Maghreb or Middle East from the mountains of Algeria to the Empty Quarter of Arabia. Obviously, this is a companion pack to R-45 and the two should easily combine to make a larger unit.

    <span style=”color: #000000; font-family: Calibri;”>B-43 and R-46 are in stock now and can be ordered via our website at </span><span style=”color: #0000ff; font-family: Calibri;”>www.commandominiatures.com</span><span style=”color: #000000; font-family: Calibri;”>. </span>

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