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    I am not sure if I have put this in the correct place, not sure if they are new.  Lots of interesting stuff.

    Whilst net surfing I found this, very interesting as my interest in 28mm / 6mm sci-fi wargaming has been rekindled.

    Welcome Page







    All the better as they are only 12 miles down the road.

    Angel Barracks

    He is a nice man too is our John!



    Only keep in mind that the ersatz Epic 40K miniatures from Defeat in Detail and Onslaught are rather on opposite ends of what nominally counts as 6mm. The Defeat in Detail ones are really 7mm or even larger (apparently the Space Marines are particularly humongous). The Onslaught ones are more like true 6mm or smaller. I’m sorry to say they don’t mix well 

    Sorry if this comes across as terribly negative, I don’t mean it that way. I’m seriously considering an Epic 40K project using only the Defeat in Detail figures. Imperials, Chaos, Orks and Eldar make a good “core” cast of characters for 40K, after all. But I’m also interested to see whether Onslaught mean to do Imperial, Ork and Eldar factions as well at some point.


    Hi guys thanks for posting up a link to my site appreciated I do have a thread here that I used to keep updated fairly regularly but have let it slide of late. My website admin page shows where site traffic comes from and I noticed a sudden increase in traffic coming from this site again hence i’ve popped in to see why this should be. Overall my thread here was not generating very much interest from the community.

    I can return to posting more regularly if you guys wish let me know please.

    Many thanks  AB for your kind words.

    About compatibility as stated above by Rhoderic Onslaughts infantry are 6mm and tend towards the smaller side of things for the most part. My DiD range on the other hand is a little more varied, regular human troops are pretty much 6mm, my elites are super soldier sized and are around 7 to 8mm tall as befits the fact they are meant to be eight foot tall on average. There vehicles are pretty chunkier to reflect the size of the troops occupying them.

    The Eloi and skinners are proportioned as befits background fluff. I’ve seen both ranges succesfully combined into one army by several gamers just use your imagination. I will say this onslaught have very much stuck with the original 6mm scale whilst here in the UK and europe the scale has crept up over the years with 7mm being a more common regular human size. This has occured I believe to increase detail and robustness of the minis, so anyway you pays your money and your makes your choice I guess.

    Regards John (vanguard minis)

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