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    “Wargaming for Grown Ups Publications”, publishers of the successful Sumerian Warfare rules “To Ur is Human” have just released their latest set of rules.

    Called “Dicing With Death” these are a fast play, easy to learn, set of gladiator rules for 2 -6 players (possibly more, – never tried it!). They’re written by experienced wargamer Derek Henderson. Played on an off set square grid (you can use hexes if you prefer) the game has an original combat system that uses both luck, skill and bluff. Players each have a set of 5 dice, and the innovative combat system uses concealed dice rolls as the players attempt to outscore their opponents using holds and re-rolls based on the gladiator’s skill level. The game covers all the known gladiator types who fought each other from the simple secutor with a shield, to gladiators with whips and lassos. Record keeping is simple and kept to a minimum. The rules include a straight forward career progression system for both individual gladiators or training schools. Ideal for a quick game in an evening or a prolonged campaign over several meetings. As with all “Wargaming for Grown Ups” rules they include a comprehensive Quick Reference Sheet on the back cover.

    Includes full list of gladiator types and details. Player records sheets and proforma arena grids are also available for down load from the Wargaming for Grown Ups blog. The rule book is 45 pages in colour and priced at £8.99. They are available from Amazon and Wargame Vault (pdf only).

    Mark Dixon of CP Models also has them, and is doing a deal with his “Champions of the Arena” pack for £12. Details are here.

    Dicing With Death cover

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