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    Head over to New Leadhead PhD to read about my new project idea “Le Journal De Petite Battailes” and get three “new” scenarios made for BBB according to that logic.



    This is relevant to the WW1 board as well, as some future scenarios will cover the peripheral wars of 1914-1923

    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    These look really good and might even get me to play BBB again, as like your goodself, space is always an issue!


    That would be great Steve. Send me any balancing comments.


    A scenario for the Battle of Rieti 1821, has now been added at the blog.

    Avatar photoChris Pringle

    Sounds very interesting. Could you give us a link to the pdf, please, Konstantinos?




    Hi Chris if you click on the highlighted text here, and then the highlighted text at the blog it will take you there.

    Avatar photoChris Pringle

    Oh yeah, so it does! (The highlighted text isn’t very obvious.)



    My dear Chris. Thank you for noting this. You are right. In the future I will make sure to make links pop out more form the text.


    A post with a list for potential future scenarios to get the LJdPB treatment


    Avatar photoChris Pringle



    Indeed. Chalchuapa 1885 “End of Rufino Barrios” will be interesting. I have general descriptions of the battle in several websites in Spanish, and a potential map, but no detailed Orbats. That said a abstract scenario is doable, and why not, it is a “unknown” battle and it played a big role in the history of Central America.

    The others are endowed with more resources in english, and for some I already have existing scenarios for other systems I can adapt (Driskos 1912 for Great War Spearhead), so the only issue is compiling the information and coming with victory conditions that can turn even rather lopsided affairs (Curupaity, Avay , Olusteee, Tarapaca) into playable games.

    I am actually surprised we have not seen already people make scenarios for the Frist Carlist War, First Schleswig War, and the 1848-1849 Risorgimento, as for both we have pretty good resources (the Perry book, Svendsen’s and Embrees’ books and existing wargames)

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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