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    Norm SNorm S

    I am starting a new project with the bigger scales called Pocket Armies. The project will see pairings of various armies in 28mm (1/76 for WWII), but with an intention to allow the games to work and produce something interesting on a kitchen / dining table space. I have blogged an introductory post.


    Just Jack

    That’s a fantastic idea, Norm!  Good luck, and I can’t wait to see how it goes.


    ian pillayian pillay

    Norm, looking forward to reading more on this project.

    It’s something I am thinking of doing, but using NT wargaming an introduction as my base rules & OHW for scenarios. The blog post really did strike a cord. Even down to playing with unpainted miniatures.

    I totally agree on the simple rules and low unit count. It helps to get the toys on the table.

    Good luck with the project and please keep the updates coming.




    Very interesting.  I started down this route for WW2 using 1/72-1/76.  At the end I had similar forces of infantry, mortars, A/T guns and tanks plus an aircraft for all the major combatant powers based on Neil Thomas’ rules. I didn’t pay any attention to base sizes, simply using what fitted the number of figures involved in each unit.  This is a typical one:


    Needless to say I didn’t get around to rules, table sizes (although 3×3 was always the aim), etc. which would have allowed play but at least I got around to the armies.  More power to you sir, interested to hear more.

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    Good idea Norm, the problem for wargamers is “I will just add a couple more units” one day you have 2o WW2 tanks in 20mm and then you have over 1200.  These things just creep up on us.


    Norm SNorm S

    Thanks all.

    Bill, Your model supplier must love you!


    Thanks all. Bill, Your model supplier must love you!

    Had an antipathy about five years ago when I realised that I would need an aircraft hangar to play with all those tanks, plus I don’t have enough friends to help me move them across the tables.  So I deiced to down size my collections, 400+ 20mm tanks sold via wargame shows and flea-bay.  Also been selling 28mm Napoleonic’s, medieval’s and 54mm toy soldiers.

    Still ongoing smaller armies and restricting my purchases.

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