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    Hi peeps,

    Yeah, it’s been a while I must admit. I’ve busy with work and other various things. So my gaming has taken a back seat. So thought now is a good time to get back into it. Before any more time slips by without me noticing.

    Some of you might remember that back along I did Project Stratosphere, (will be on this forum a few pages back). An Angel Barracks character based game. Following the adventures of an RDF squad, roaming around a purpose made game board. I remembered how much I enjoyed doing it at the time. Well folks, I’m pleased to say that McCallum, Woods and Daniels will be back for season 2.

    I’ve started collecting what models I need. There will be the usual scratch building, models from various manufacturers including Angel Barracks. I’m a bit rusty with my knowledge of manufactures. Not just 6mm, I also throw in a small amount of 10 and 15mm. The odd building, but manly aliens, bugs, creatures and on the look out for 10mm infantry. So feel free to throw in any ideas, I’ll be most grateful.

    More on this as time goes on.


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    Norm S

    Plenty of mileage in this project, look forward to it being rolled out.

    Darkest Star Games

    Oooo, season 2, woot!  Looking forwards to it!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Well looks like I’ve got a bit of an audience.

    I’ve received my first order for the first stage of scenery and have set about painting them. Just doing the base now, then it will be on the second piece of scenery for part one. I’ve also wrote a draft for the prologue. Be thinking hard about the story. Should be good.

    I have had a bit of a set back. I cleared out a lot of my models and stuff. I’m not a collector and like to move on and change things. So I sold a huge amount of models and in a way starting again. The one thing I’m missing is my scratch build box. You know, the bits and bobs box we wargamers have that’s full of all sorts of useful bits. I must of junked it by mistake. 

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    Just received my second order today. More models for the project, this time from AB. And there was a little surprise in the box for me. A note saying “I hear you’ve lost your bits box, hope this helps?”. And there at the bottom was a small bag with some very useful bits and bobs. 

    Now it’s onward and upward with the painting. So yes Mike, it will definitely help and now I’m on my way building up my scratch collection again.

    Thank you 

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    Just an update peeps. Two new bits of scenery done and more writing for the story. It’s turning out quite well me thinks.


    Pics or it didn’t happen!


    A second vote for pics.


    Right peeps, nearly ready to roll out the first bit. Just applying some Matt varnish to the first bits of scenery now. Then we’re good to go. While I’m taking pics and uploading it all I’ll post the prologue. So keep an eye out for that, should wet your appetite a bit ready for the mains.

    Now, as before it’s an AB character base game. With our heros McCallum, Woods and Daniels. I’ll be playing out a story while the RDF squad roam around the new game board. So there will be (hopefully) interesting and new scenery to look at. While (hopefully) I’ll be narrating an interesting story to go with it.

    Similar as before, you’ll be able to offer a few suggestions as to how the story will pan out. This probably won’t happen until the action gets going. Although I’ve done the first bit of story and scenery, enough to get started anyway. I have plenty of ideas swimming around in my head. But there is nothing tangible done yet for the rest of the story.

    Anyway, enough waffle. Hope you all enjoy. It will take a while for me to roll out the whole thing. But hopefully there won’t be to many delays.

    Alexander Wasberg

    Hear,hear we want pics Greg 😉

    I’m looking forward to seeing what comes!


    Sounds great! The Project Stratosphere adventure was just the sort of thing I like: Miniature gaming as storytelling, in a world lovingly crafted out of detailed terrain/scenery and interesting figures/models. Looking forward to more of it.

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