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    Jonathan Gingerich

    So I recently used some Rustoleum Self Etching Primer on a white metal mini, due to enthusiastic endorsement.
    But it came out a decidedly medium gray, and I work with white. I used an old can of white Krylon primer over it, with mixed results. (I.e. my bad eyes didn’t pick up on the fuzzies till I was done painting. It’s fine but annoying.)

    Anyway it got me thinking. What is the ideal way to base self-etching primer white? There doesn’t seem to be a white self-etching primer out there. I could go with either a white paint or a white primer over top. I do want some but not too much tooth. Anyone worked through this?

    Fred B

    It depends how much are you priming, but I had good experience with white gesso. It takes a bit longer to prime, because you brush it on, but the upside you can do it anywhere without worrying about ventilation and you can tint the gesso with acrylic paint to act as your base coat.


    Mr. Average

    I find that a spray primer like Krylon or Rust-O-Leum gives me the best result. Two light coats works well, but you have to watch the weather and only prime when the relative humidity is between 30 and 60%.

    I have never had good results with Gesso although I know it’s popular.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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