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    I don’t belong to a club (cue: jokes about not wanting to join any club low enough to have me…) but game with a very small & select* group of pals, over each others’ homes; mostly mine.

    At the local Train & Hobby Show, where we stage an annual demo game, we spoke to a local chap who said he had a collection of ACW figures, in our scale, though he’d never gamed. He seemed a nice fellow, easy going etc.

    This was in August & after including him in our email chat we invited him to our next game in a few weeks. Seeing he has an interest in the ACW, we decided to put on a FoG Punic game 87)). It will be two a side & he’s ended up with me, commanding the “lost every game they ever played” Celts.

    But you never know…..

    We’ll feed & water him, explain the rules as we go & maintain our easy going attitude.  I’ve budgeted time for a post-mortem: often the best part of a game IMO.

    Anything else I should do to make him feel welcome? I don’t want it to sound like I’m running a cult but an extra member (he’d make 5) would be useful.









    • “select” ie people who will put up with me.
    Avatar photoMike

    Anything else I should do to make him feel welcome?

    Avoid talking politics, race, religion etc.
    Just stick to gaming until you know him better.

    Oh, and mention TWW.




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    Oh, and mention TWW. 😉

    I’ll tell you something interesting (but possibly depressing). None of my wargames’ pals can be bothered with wargaming forums. I’ve tried to get them interested in WD3 but no dice (pun intentional).

    Partly it’s a time thing: I’m a bit of an insomniac & have more time than them. But mostly they just can’t be bothered. I think there’s a sort of continuum of gamers: those who contribute to forums; those who lurk & those who don’t even read them. And I’m pretty sure the numbers are larger as you move down the continuum towards the totally indifferent.

    If I’m correct ( & I sometimes am), I don’t think there’s much you can do about it.


    cheers, donald


    …oh, religion & politics are largely personal & not for up for discussion & with regards to race, anyone saying anything “off” wouldn’t be invited back.


    Avatar photoChris Pringle

    Make sure he wins! 

    If he’s never gamed before at all, try to keep things simple and clear and fast-moving, with plenty of interesting decisions for him to make, maybe entrust your best unit to him. FoG is very popular at our club but it’s a pretty technical ruleset – don’t let the technicalities get in the way of the game, don’t over-explain, don’t talk in jargon, stick to the key issues affecting his decisions. “Here’s the choice: you could stay in the cover of that wood and remain a threat where the enemy cavalry can’t really get at you, or take a gamble now by rushing out and hope to get on his flank before he can react. If it goes wrong his cavalry will ride you down in the open.”  Sort of thing.


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    Try to tread the balance between “explaining” and “let him make his own moves”.

    Being guided through every move can feel over-bearing, even if its meant well.

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    Don’t be elitist. If the figures he has were bought from a pound/dollar shop and he dipped them in a pot of emulsion to paint them, don’t look down your noses at them. By all means encourage him to buy better figures and learn to paint, but accept where he’s currently at. We all started somewhere.

    That sounds like I’m stating the bleeding obvious, but I’ve been put off a club by that sort of attitude towards my models.

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    I would agree that being positive and encouraging whether about painting, playing or simply identifying interests, new folks do so much better when experiencing the hobby with folks who are upbeat.

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