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    SW squadrons,  put you in the seat of fighter pilots in star wars.

    What I’m mostly interested in is the game is also for VR, so you can actually sit in your X-wing and look around,  really feel you’re in the cockpit.

    The campaign lets/makes you play both the rebels and the empire.


    Oh, thank goodness.  For a moment I thought that TWW had gone to the Dark Side.  There’s a world of difference between ‘dog fighting’ and ‘dogfighting’.

    Trust science, not the scientists.

    Guy Farrish

    Oh, thank goodness. For a moment I thought that TWW had gone to the Dark Side. There’s a world of difference between ‘dog fighting’ and ‘dogfighting’.

    Nice to know it wasn’t just me!



    I’ve been looking forward to this one. Sci-fi vehicle combat sims no longer enjoy the popularity they did in the 90s (at least as far as AAA games are concerned), but I fondly remember those old glory days. And of course, the X-Wing and Tie Fighter games that SW Squadrons is a spiritual successor to were a central part of all that. I have high expectations.


    I’ve now played 3 hours of the game, you have a prologue set right after Alderan  was destroyed, two missions one from Empire and one from Rebel side.

    The game then jumps some years into the future, with a war between the new republic and empire going on. So far I’ve only played the new republic missions. It’s a fantastic game, the really should be played in VR even if you don’t need to, VR really captures the scale. In the first prologue mission, the empire is hunting refugees and you come to a large trading post. And the scale is just insane.

    It’s not a simulator, but not 100% arcade shooter either, you control power, diverting to shields, weapons or engines. And you can also boost forward and backward shield depending on what you need. You can set target priorities.

    You can also choose various load-outs too.

    It’s probably the best looking VR game out there together with Half-Life Alyx, no typical VR bluryness.


    Can’t afford VR I’m afraid, let alone VR on a PC, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy the heckins out of it anyway. Sounds like it’s got some of the DNA of the old X-Wing / TIE Fighter games, what with the way you divert power between the three systems in your spacecraft.

    Thorsten Frank

    Hm, don´t know if I will get into it. I´m more and more very bored by the SW universe with it´s more or lesse binary approach to many things. I loved the original X-Wing and especially Tie-Fighter.

    : if you on a moderately modern smartphone you may try the Trinus CBVR app and one of those “cheap” goggles. I use it for several applications including Elite Dangerous and it works well. Not one of those high-end pieces for sure.
    Still my brain says no to the VR stuff – it can´t really be convinced to be fooled.

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    If you have an PS4, the game seem to work great on PSVR, and is probably the cheapest alternative for an ok VR experience,  I think it’s about $200 for PSVR, vs 299 for the new quest 2. The quest 2 ofcourse doesn’t need a PC, it’s stand alone,  but if you want to play PC games you need a PC that can play VR, but there are some proper VR games coming to stand alone quest 2, Walking dead saints and sinners,  is a great zombie survival game, I have it on PC and it’s coming out to the quest/quest 2, now grabbing a zombie with your hands and trying to get that home made knife into the crack in it’s helmet is fun.

    Also the new Medal of honour that comes to PC in December will also come to the quest next year.


    Is it just me does it look like it’ll be a 4v4 arena type game? With the current everything is multiplayer trend I don’t think this one is for me.

    Tired is enough.


    You have 3 main modes.

    1 story: a 6-8 hour campaign were you play as both as new republic and empire,  also works as a sort of tutorial for all aspects of the game.

    2. 5 v 5 dog fight online

    3. Fleet battles,  2 5 man teams with AI allies, take part in big battles with various objectives to complete (this can be played just in coop with friends against ai)


    #3 sounds like my thing and what most people probably look for.

    Tired is enough.


    Yes, I tried the 3rd mode tutorial.

    It goes like this. Each team has 1 capital ship, 2 frigates/light cruisers. 5 player fighters and infinite number of ai fighters (I think)

    First the fighters will duel when one team has killed enough enemy fighters their “moral” is good enough to attack the medium ships,  if you loose too many fighters in those attacks the enemy team can attack your medium ships.  So it’s a back and forth thing. Once the medium ships are gone you can attack the capital ships, it has various weak points that need to be taken out in sequence.  Once the capital ship is dead you  win.

    Each side has 4 ships to choose from the bog standard x-wing or tie, ok armor/shield and ok weapon the middel of everything.  Then you have the interceptor/A-wing small, fast packs a hell of a punch but explodes very easily.

    Then you have the bombers,  can drop bombs, slow takes a lot of punishment.

    And finally the support ship, can give shield boost to other ships,  can hide them on radar, resupply/repair, and generally uses ion weapons that damage shields and can shutdown ship so they are easy pickings.

    On top of those 4 classes each ship has quite a bit of customisation, different types of blasters,  cannons,  rockets, missiles, torpedoes. Different shield types,  engines. So quite deep stuff.

    Jemima Fawr

    And don’t forget the most important aspect – ‘pimping your ride’.  🙂

    I’ve had it for a week and thoroughly enjoying it.  It’s a very good successor to the old X-Wing/TIE Fighter games.  I’m just playing it on a straight PS4 – no fancy HOTAS joystick or VR headset and yet still manage to do well in multiplayer dogfights.  As it’s a multi-platform game I was slightly concerned that dogfights might be dominated by those with the fancy kit, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

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