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    Today I got a bottle of AK Interactive Ultra Matte Varnish and gave it a try on my M60A3 that felt was still too shiny after first trying Vallejo Matte Varnish and then Testors Dullcoat.  As you can see in the photos below, the AK Ultra Matte is far superior to the other finishes. I REALLY love this product and will be using it quite a lot in the future.
    One of the interesting things about this product is that you can control the amount of effect it has by controlling how much of it you use. I think I’ll test this theory on another model … I’ll just keep applying it till I see how far I can take it.

    Photos were all taken in the exact same light with the camera on manual mode with same shutter speed, f/stop, and ISO. Images all received the exact same post processing in Adobe Lightroom. I tried to make the best comparison possible.

    Model is a 1/285th scale M60A3 from GHQ Miniatures


    You can view the full size image here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/gamecraft/32509906460/sizes/o/


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