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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Pimax is know for making cool, expensive flawed headsets.</p>
    Their newest headset thr Pimax Crystal, follows this tradition.

    On the positive side the setup and installation was easy, as easy as any vr headset. (Something that can not be said about previous Pimax headsets)

    But the bad part is that for some reason they decided to make the pimax crystal pcvr/stand alone. So the headset is capable of being used without cables. But also you can use 2 USBs and 1 Displayport to use it wired to the computer. The problem is that even hooked to the PC it uses battery. So you have to change batteries ever 3-4 hours.  But at least you get 2 batteries and a charger thingy. So you always have one ready. And while they claim you can hot swap the batt, I haven’t been able to do that with out the games crashing.

    And since it’s supposed to be played as stand alone. It’s needlessly heavy because of CPU etc in there. Twice as heavy as my G2.


    So that is the bad. Now the good part.

    Besides the easy setup.

    The crystal uses inside out tracking so no need for external base stations.

    It has decent standard configuration motion controllers.

    Oh and giant giant giant resolution, over 4300×5100, and crystal clear lenses,,fantastic colours. The details are insane, plane recognition is much easier, even the smallest badly painted on letter in the cockpit is perfectly clear to read.

    But how to handle such resolution without your computer mutinying?

    With Sci fi! The headset has eye tracking, that tracks your pupils a gazillion times a second. On top of that it uses something called foveated rendering.

    It means I can decrease the resolution where I’m not seeing.

    I’ve set it up so where I’m looking I get 3243×3826 resolution. While where I’m looking I only render 10%, of that resolution.

    You’ll see this in the video, part of the cockpit will at times be blury for you. I won’t notice, as the reaction of the eye tracking is so fast. So for me it will always be in high resolution.  But naturally the video doesn’t pick that up. So you’ll see the instruments are blurry, except when I’m looking at them.

    Also I love my P47

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