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    Good Kickstarters are always worth pointing out, so here’s one I’m excited about, the second KS project for 28mm halflings from Westfalia Miniatures: LINK. The first one was a great success and this one is turning out the same. There are rangers/foresters both mounted (on goats) and on foot, and halfling-themed terrain pieces (including facades for holes-in-the-ground) among other things. As a new stretch goal there are also mounted sergeants (again on goats) that are a Kickstarter exclusive, so now is the only chance to get them. I find these mounted sergeants more in line (relatively speaking!) with the classic image of halflings than the goat-mounted knights from the previous KS.

    3 days left – I maybe should have posted this sooner, but it was only a 10 day KS to begin with.

    That is all. 

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