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    It’s yet another one of those bitter sweet news releases where I am really very happy to be able to announce the release of a new range, but at the same time have to say good bye to some very old friends.

    Yes, after much delay and many missed deadlines, the new War of Spanish Succession figures are finally available.

    This initial batch of releases covers all the main troop types,  Foot



    and Artillery.


    All are brand new sculpts which have brought this venerable range up to current design and moulding standards.  The releases are designed to mix well with the old range in terms of pose and heft.   There are still a few things to come, namely the French and dismounted dragoons, Generals and some pikemen, but the core is in place for you to build and collect your armies.

    You can find all the details if go to https://www.baccus6mm.com/catalogue/Early18thCentury/WaroftheSpanishSuccession/

    The newcomers’ arrival means that the moulds for the old SS1 range have been withdrawn.   For those of you who didn’t know, these were some of the first ever figures in the Baccus catalogue and they have been in circulation for fifteen years.   It is pretty safe to say that the foundations for the Baccus MegaCorps Industries of today were built on SS1 and SS6.     I hope that you will raise a glass to these little warriors and wish them well, although given the sheer numbers that have been sold over the years, I am sure that many of them will be soldiering on tabletop battlefields for years to come.

    SS1 is now more. Long live WSS1!

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