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    Avatar photoNorm S

    The War on the Ground
    A look at some new Battalion Level WWII rules by Anschluss Press.

    I took the new rules for a spin on a 4′ x 3′ table using 10mm figures and enjoyed the game.

    I have put some observations and photos up on the blog, with turn 1 being exploded to give a good idea of mechanics and play.


    Avatar photoPrince Rhys

    Thank you for sharing this. I had wondered about these rules.

    Avatar photoThuseld

    Does it not feel weird having your infantry be 10 metres tall? I really struggle with ground scales, and justifying the size of my miniatures.

    Avatar photoMike

    Tis a bit odd. Not sure how long the Sherman model tank is, maybe 3cm or 30mm which is 30m long in game turns.

    Or a 25mm wide road being 25m wide.

    I think this is why I prefer games with 1:1 scales / WYSIWYG or just abstracted values such as a rifle fires 5x units and infantry move x units per turn, thus they will be under fire for 5 turns whilst closing on the enemy.


    Avatar photoTony S

    Does it not feel weird having your infantry be 10 metres tall?

    I don’t understand?   I’ve always considered ground scale and figure scale to be two different things, for most table top gaming.

    1:1 scale gaming to me doesn’t refer to ground scale=figure scale, but rather that one figure equates to one soldier in real life.

    That way you can play this game in 6mm or 15mm, or even 28mm, and it should still play roughly the same, although it would look quite odd in 28mm to my eye.

    Unless I’m missing something, which is quite probable.

    And just to confuse things, I freely admit one of the things I like about Chain of Command using my 15mm collection is that ground scale and figure scale are the same!

    Avatar photoNorm S

    I remember the old wargamer designers, who went to great lengths to sort out the scale / time thing in their books, having to specifically explain that vertical height / scale had to be detached somewhat from the ‘precision’ of ground scale. So that has always been with us, but is never something that has particularly distracted me.

    It is true that the smaller the figure (unless doing 1:1 everything) the nearer one gets visually to weapon ranges looking more in keeping with the figure etc, but the thought of a 1mm or 2mm sized figure being used to make the vertical scale match the ground scale sends a shudder down my back ….. I mean, what would I do with my tasty gorgeous 28’s! 🙂


    Avatar photoThuseld

    I see. I can’t separate ground scale from vertical scale. When I see a house, and the rules make it 40m long, it takes me out of the game. When my road is 25m wide, it takes me out of the game. When my hedgerow is 10m thick, I am taken out of the game.

    I like that A Sergeant’s War says that rifles can fire across the whole table. I like that Crossfire is basically, if you can see, you an attack. I am on board with abstracted, arbitrary ranges of X units for this weapon, Y units for this weapon. Movement is D units. As long as the table looks good, and my figures look like they are shooting from an okay looking range, then I am fine. But if my 20mm sub machine gunner has to advance to within 3cm of a figure to kill, then I am out. It doesn’t look right.

    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    These rules sound like they flow well, and I like that way spotting feels and the ability to combine fire at a target.  Thanks for the write up!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

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