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    Any new years plans gaming wise?


    More actual gaming for me! My desert stuff’s reaching ‘critical mass’ for the adventures I want to play, so that’s approaching soon. Plus return my attention to 6mm stuff – still really want to finish my Ork Warz ideas….


    Yeah – don’t start any more new projects, regardless of how shiny until my unpainted metal and resin pile has decreased substantially.

    It didn’t actually work last year but hey ho lets give it another go!

    Given my speed a painting service or two may well benefit this year

    Interest include 6mm WW2, 6mm SciFi, 30mm Old West, DropFleet, Warlords Exterminate and others!


    More gaming but bar that I’m taking it as it comes in terms of hobby priorities.  I do have some Berber conversions in mind though.



    I want to work on terrain.  I am eager to try some paper buildings as they look nice but are inexpensive.  Also add a few new regiments.  But really want to game more.


    I want to enlarge my gaming circle. I really miss the gaming group I used to hang out with before moving out of state.

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    Some more campaigns:

    The English Civil War

    Caesar’s Gallic War

    A couple of WW2 campaigns, including an air campaign

    A couple of Napoleonic campaigns, and have a go at Ruse de Guerre for the War of 1812

    Plus a smattering of other miniature games and boardgames for variety, and maybe complete another Gary Grigsby megagame.



    • Start new projects – ones I’ve been planning for a long time.
    • Get much closer to having “finished collections” of as-yet unpainted figures and models for the projects I’ve been planning. There will be a lot of purchases ahead and it will drain much of my hobby energy (as it has done for the last couple of years) but my light at the end of the tunnel is to reach a stage where I can slow down on the buying and spend more energy on actual painting and modelling, then gaming. Maybe by the end of this year, I’ll be there. It’s not like I can keep straining my budget like this forever. This is my “investment” stage and it has to end in the not-too-far future.
    • Get at least one new terrain set-up finished. I’ve been stockpiling ridiculous amounts of terrain-building materials, it’s become an obsession of its own.
    • Get some gaming in, but probably much of it solo. There’s a couple of experiments I’d like to try. One is to play the same scenario (for either sci-fi or fantasy, in any scale and scope that strikes my fancy) many times over with different rulesets. Another is to engage in a kind of quasi-solo gaming where some of the decision-making (pre-game, in-game or both) is handed over to other TWWers who’d be kept up to date in a running thread. This probably wouldn’t be quite the same thing as proper “Play By Forum” or PBEM gaming – I’ve done that with miniature games in the past (as a participant, not a “gamemaster”) and it’s a very involved, slow-going process that’s always at risk of running out of steam, so I’d be looking for a more summary, broad-strokes type system of remote decision-making this time around.
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    If I can finally get moved into the new house we’ve been building after 14 months my goal for the coming year is a full set of Blucher Armies finished in 6mm plus a new SAGA Crusaders Militant Order Army. Any time left will be for a 3mm Rommel set of desert armies and maybe finishing a 1/2400 set of Punic Wars fleets.

    The tree of Life is self pruning.


    Crom/ Conan, Tarzan and Indiana Jones in 15mm not sure which rules I’ll use. Pikeman’s Lament also in 15mm. Maybe a Team Yankee campaign.


    Awaken my 6mm WW2 project.

    Complete at least one Starport Scum campaign (6 or more games).

    Complete at least one Horizon Wars campaign (6 games or so).

    Build terrain. I feel like I have the terrain bug and want to create more.

    Sort out my storage systems for 6mm miniatures and terrain.

    Darryl Smith

    Yep, a Wind(ish) and the Lion(ish) project:

    2018 – A New Direction?

    Buckeye Six Actual


    Darryl , The Virtual Armchair General make a line of 15mm figures for The Wind and The Lion.


    I’m still on board with painting more ancients. I also need to get my 17th century Polish done.

    Darryl Smith

    Darryl , The Virtual Armchair General make a line of 15mm figures for The Wind and The Lion.

    Yep, got them mentioned on a recent post..but the quality…yuck! I’d much rather use Blue Moon and fudge things a bit.

    Buckeye Six Actual


    I am currently making two viking longships out of card, painting a load of 1/72 fantasy figures and also finishing some scratchbuilt buildings. This year I would like to finish my 1/72 WW2 Desert Italians and British, my 28mm 1815 Prussians and my 28mm WSS Spanish.

    Norm S

    Game more and think less!

    Get some bigger games going, perhaps four times a year get a double mapper boardgame on the table for a couple of days game fest.

    read more

    paint two 12mm armies (1066) and get better at speed painting i.e. paint for the game table and not for the Admiration Society.

    write some dark age hex based rules for said 1066 project

    spend less time in front of a computer screen to liberate time for all of the above

    continue with my selling off to concentrate on 10 / 12mm figure and terrain scales – not much to go now.

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    Planned games so far (as in, I’ve done the maps and scenarios and sorted out the toys) include an Army level Marne game, the battle for Bayeux in Normandy, a Brigade sized Eastern front game and I want to re run another early war east front scenario (Mtensk).

    Playing around with a Brigade level WW2 rule set, some variations on the Portable Wargame and I want to revise my Corps level WW1 trench warfare set.

    Got a few modelling projects, an early war Pz 38 battalion to do, the rest of a Panther battalion, I need to get some more medium and heavy artillery and I’ve got some conversions on some soft skins to make command vehicles. A load of 15mm WW1 Russians will shortly be arriving too.

    So, plenty to keep busy!

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    Got a very nice pre-painted laser cut Spanish/Portuguese village for Crimbo. That’s mi’ first little project for 2018… then Harpe and Sharper can march again!

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    "I was with Harry... At The Bridge!"


    I am planning on spending the first couple of months rebasing some stuff to get collections sorted and ready to play with.

    At the moment I have decided to rebase my Franco-Prussian 25mm collection to match Neil Thomas’s rules as it will enable me to use them better on a 4′ deep table than at present where a unit in march column takes up 24cm! That has been reduced to 8cm.  It will also let me play some big games once I have the 30 or so units a side based up.

    I will also rebase my 28mm War of the Roses and Early Imperial Roman armies into single stand units for To The Strongest.

    Then I have a few hundred Lord of the Rings figures to properly base up for Kings of War…

    After that I might paint something for myself…



    Black Hat Miniatures -


    I’m hoping to try NWG’s Chevauchee rules & then the fantasy supplement

    I also just got a bunch of Blotz’s Zundstadt stuff for a long-shelved project of NWG’s Fragstorm game

    I got some 28mm WW2 stuff for xmas so I’m prepping that and rebasing some of my existing pieces to my new standard

    Rebasing …. always happens; one day I might actually use some figures before I rebase them …

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