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    Avatar photoAidan Geis

    I just finished playing the tutorial scenario for Force on Force and both my opponent and I had a blast, there were quite a few questions we had.

    1. Who gets hit: A four man US fire team that already had one serious wound and one light wound from last turn is fired upon and fails to match 2 dice and so takes two more hits.  How do you determine if the lightly wounded figure is hit or the uninjured men?  What about the seriously wounded one?  If the fire team had failed to block 4 dice would the seriously wounded man be hit again?  If they suffered three hits would they go to the lightly wounded figure and the two uninjured figures and if so would the team be considered “wiped out”?

    2. Are we right in understanding that a unit can always return fire when fired upon as long as it has firepower remaining?  Even if they failed a reaction test already?

    3. Can a non-initiative unit “get in cover”?  If so then when do they do so and do they stay “in cover” until they move?

    We really enjoyed this but as you can tell we still have so much to learn!

    Thanks in advance!


    Avatar photoGeoff Barrall

    Not sure if this is correct but here’s what we’ve been doing:

    1. If a figure is out of action (serious wound or dead) then we don’t have them as targets anymore. If nobody is wounded and there are no special team members (such as a FO) then you can just let the defender pick as the troops can switch weapons anyway. If there are key team members (such as a light wound or FO etc) then dice to see who got hit. For regular units any mini can use any weapon so even through a man may go down you can switch minis and continue to use the weapon.

    2. Most of the time for regular units but irregular units can only react fire once.

    3. Units that are exposed (not within 2″ of any terrain piece) are easier to hit in combat. Everybody else is assumed to be using available cover automatically. Notable forms of cover such as walls, sandbags, fortifications add defense modifiers if they are between the shooter and target.

    Hope that helps.

    Avatar photoAidan Geis

    Thanks Geoff!  That all makes sense to me and so I think I’ll be playing it that way.  Only thing is for part 3 I was asking about the additional +1 defense dice you get for being “in cover” in addition to the one you get for being “behind cover”.   Regular units might normally do it automatically I think if they don’t move?  Not sure.  Your points on how to assign casualties really help and that’s what we’ll be doing going forward!

    Avatar photoGeoff Barrall

    Glad that helped.

    The modifiers for cover we use (which I think are correct are):

    Exposed Unit (outside 2″ from any terrain): Attacker gets +1 TQD

    Solid Cover : Defender gets +1 TQD

    Improved Cover (trenches, sandbags etc) : Defender gets +2 TQD

    Fortified Cover (bunker) : Defender gets +3 TQD

    Related Modifiers:

    If defender hasn’t moved it gets +1 TQD (Irregular or exposed units must pass Quality Check to get this)

    Light Body Armor : Defender gets +1 TQD

    Heavy Body Armor : Defender gets +2 TQD

    Smoke : Defender gets +1 TQD

    Defending Pinned Units who pass a Quality Check get +1 TQD



    Avatar photoPapasan

    Hi Aidan,
    Geoff has it right – serious wounded are not factored into the unit’s defence so don’t take further damage. I do something I call ‘spread the love’, so a number of hits doesn’t mean the same number of casualties, I dice to see who gets hit which means an individual may take more than one hit.
    Reactions you know about.
    As to Q3, a non-initiative unit can get “in cover” – if it wins the reaction test , otherwise it should have done so in it’s previous turn; it has to pass it’s TQ test to be successful.
    I play it that a unit that moved that turn can’t be “in cover”, if it’s stationary then it automatically is “in cover”. It’s logical to me that a stationary unit would make best use of whatever little cover is available. We found this saves rolling more dice and we all know what the status of a unit is.


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