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    Alexander Wasberg

    What’s this then you ask?

    Well it’s the first unit of a new project centered around real-robot style mechas like those of VOTOMS.


    The New Imperial Japanese Army have just unveiled a new branch, the Special Armoured Warfare Development Unit.


    These proud few are the first of this unit:

    The entire unit so far, along with their Arijigoku (Ant-lion) class quad support mech.


    Another shot of the Ant-lion.


    I have a few more pics on the blog, more are sure to pop up in the near future:



    Thanks for looking!


    Angel Barracks

    I am very much in awe of your ability to make lots of cool things.
    Making lots of things I can do.
    Making cool things I can do.
    But making lots of cool things I can not.

    Fair Play sir!

    Alexander Wasberg

    Thanks a lot michael!

    To be honest though, I just put paint on other peoples work most of the time.  Your bits and bobs are some of the coolest 6mm stuff out there, and I’m humbled by your praise!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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