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    Non Metallic Metal that is.

    Anyone any good at doing it?
    For general gaming purposes I am content with regular metallic paint, but some NMM gold would be nice on some special models.

    Mike Headden

    NMM is a solution looking for a problem, IMHO.

    On the other hand, because it doesn’t look like metal, again IMHO, it can look good on SciFi models whose armour is supposedly made of non-metallic metals like Adamantium, Ceramite or Unobtanium.

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    Darkest Star Games

    I agree with MH.  You can shade metallics just as well as non-mets, or can even use greys and just put a coat of metallizer medium over it.  I’ve found that on smaller miniatures, like 15s human figs, there’s really no point in trying NMM as there generally isn’t enough surface area for the blending and shading to really stand out.  Now, on some of those brute 35mm minis is a different story!

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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