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    Looks promising… anyone have any insight into this?


    My friend bought, played, and sold it in the past few days.

    “No good?” I asked.

    “Too good,” he replied.

    Since there are no clear milestones, goals, etc. (e.g. mini-bosses, etc) for him, he would just play and play and play. Basically checked out for a few days straight. Just too dangerous for a compulsive explorer type to deal with.

    The procedural creatures are pretty amazing. I’m not a fan of the single-biome-planet implementation, but there’s still a lot of great stuff in this game.


    I had more hands-on time with it yesterday, and I think the creatures are still the most compelling part of it. If you’re a completionist, you may find yourself exploring forever happily…but perpetually unsatisfied. I can see myself getting bored by the sameness of each experience, however.

    What this is currently missing is the Minecraft ability to modify your environment. NMS requires you to find and harvest resources, but they are essentially just fuel or money. Minecraft is about building and changing worlds, which opens up endless choices for players. If they could bring that quality to NMS, it would be amazing.

    Still, NMS was an 8-man team, so this game is still a remarkable achievement. It’s just not a complete game to me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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