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    Last night we played our largest test to date on my 6 x 5 table. This is the 1000 point level game, using the Escalation scenario and a classic charge up the table at a BAOR force dug into the ridge.

    The defence was a classic forward infantry platoon dug in to foxholes, supported by dug in Chieftains and behind them on the tree line some Swingfires. A few British fire teams occupied the flank of the hill and the village with an SAS team pushed out into no man’s land to observe the enemies advance, while a sneaky sniper team set up in the enemies rear. Soviet forces went for a heavy Forward Screen with infantry dug in as far forward as possible supported by AA defence and BRDMs plus dug in AT4 and sMG.

    The Soviet force probed forward with mortar fire annoying the defenders, and little happened except the Soviets secured their ‘Vital Objective’ and the sniper team engaging a dug in Soviet Forward Observer – a duel that would last the whole game. The resultant chits however brought up a Gunship in support and that began a duel with the AA defences with the SA9 Gaskin scoring a near hit that sent the chopper scurrying for some cover although not shot down. It eventually returned and loosed off its last TOW to little effect.

    As the Vanguard and then the Main Force arrived a tank battle began around the village and the Soviets took a beating. The entire T64 company would be knocked out, and the arriving T80 company hit a minefield and was forced to reconsider their advance. A second BAOR gunship arrived and managed to destroy the Shilka as well.

    It all looked good for the BAOR, but the T80s, forced off road now ended up screened from much of the fire and British losses mounted. Two BMP platoons arrived and raced forward to secure the line of cottages outside the village, and despite losing several BMPs, poured fire into the BAOR infantry dug in along the path and poplar trees.

    British vehicle losses mounted and the pressure mounted on both sides as the tanks slugged it out up close, but the T80s turned their fire onto the lighter armoured support vehicles and in short order put out of action virtually all the ATGM carriers. With things clearly on a knife edge, the next British turn proved to be one of just rolling ones… and in the following Soviet turn they managed to break the enemy as a Chieftain finally blew up to close range 125mm fire.

    It was very close in the end, the BAOR slowly built up chits, the Vital Objective being crucial, and despite the Soviets losing three-quarters of their BR in 6 turns, they held on by luck to secure victory with only 3 BR left…

    10mm Miniatures by Minifigs, Timecast and PSC

    Mat by CigarBox

    Avatar photoMike

    Nice set up, is that your hobby room?

    Avatar photopiers brand

    Its is Mike… not used much last few months due to a trip to Normandy and my opponent being laid up with a broken foot!

    But back for a winter campaigning season!

    Avatar photokyoteblue

    You always have such great looking miniatures and terrain!! Thanks for posting.

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