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    Evil Dave

    Here’s some pics from the games we had this past weekend. We ended up with 18 people after two dropped the day of. Some pick-up games were played Friday (including a couple Warmaster games), three tournament rounds were had on Saturday, and then six of us hung around for a few more games on Sunday.

    Anyway, enjoy the pics!

    My High Elves advance on Kal’s Dark Elves.

    THe Hydra gets ready for lunch.

    Cavalry clash.

    The High Elves catch a brigade of their dark kin.

    Up the hill it goes!

    My Wraithlords get repelled by Jon’s Nurglings.

    Kal’s crazy engines.

    Coach takes the Cadians out for a ride.

    They face off against Kal’s sisters.

    AV Showdown

    A Spirit Host gets overwhelmed.

    Jon’s Zombies doing what they do best, sitting around and soaking up fire.

    Lots of fire and broken formations.

    A Gorgon standing in for a Stormlord.

    My Iyanden take out on Tim’s Knights in round 1.


    Shawn’s Knights advance across the fields.

    Eric’s Speed Freaks move to light them up.

    Kal’s sisters bake Jimmy’s trenches on 5000 for a single activation.

    Dino’s Black Legion face off against the Karl’s Legio Badassatronicus.

    Engines walk.

    Matt’s air force takes on Jon’s plague.

    The Plague Tower that lived.

    Andrew’s Onslaughtian Tau.

    Making good use of cover.

    Chris’s Black Legion takes some early fire.

    They advance on Andrews Krieg.

    New guy Andrew also got some help from Matt’s painted Krieg.

    Matt’s Warlord trudges forward (gut for scale purposes).

    Tacticals claim an airfield.

    Eric’s Blitz Brigade hunting for Knights.

    The buggies find them.

    Shawn’s Errants stomp a Fighta out of the sky.

    Kal’s Sisters grabbing some cover.

    Penitents vs Centurians

    Hammerhead Frenzy

    The Coach chums the waters.

    Jon’s Fester Titan on the hunt.

    Let the wet noodle flogging commence!

    Matt’s Emperor’s Children Predators wait on the Fester.

    Brad’s Ravager faces off against Matt’s Warlord.

    Iron Warriors advance on the Tacticals in the airfield.

    Anthony’s Krieg gunning for Frank’s Stompas.

    Chris’s Havocs attempt to break the Krieg line.

    Children on the move.

    Coach’s Karskin move into the rubble.

    Eric’s Freaks race to an objective.

    Chris’s Black Legion takes on Matt’s Space Marines in the second round.

    My Iyanden face off against Dino’s Black Legion.

    Taking fire from the Preds.

    Jimmy’s Imperial Fist defense line.

    Shawn’s Warden’s move up.

    Coach’s Cadians get ready for round 2.

    Kal’s Sisters prepare to put some traitorous guardsmen down.

    Karl’s Legio on the hunt for Matt’s Children.

    Brad’s Iron Warriors go toe to toe with Frank’s Orks.

    Get off the grass!

    Iron Warriors advance.

    Andrew’s Krieg stay right where they belong.

    They face off against Tim’s AMTL.

    It lived, he made a ton of saves.

    So did my Wraithseer. He survived a Terminator and a Raptor engagement!

    Dino’s BTS did not, however, survive this.

    Brad’s Decimator hunts some Ork.

    The Basilisks lay down some suppressing fire.

    Waaagh Boner

    Phalanx Formation

    Burn them, Karl! Burn them all!

    Jon’s Terminators take down an AT-AT with a few trip lines.

    Eric’s Freaks get with the burning of Andrew’s Tetra.

    Holding the line.

    Coach got board waiting and decided to advance.

    Sisters melting some ice.

    Wardens taking fire.

    Chri’s Bikes bring in some backup.

    Drive me closer so I can hit that tank with my sword!

    Looking for something to stomp.

    The Wraithseer clears some Zombies off of the portal.

    Lots of Plague armor.

    My Wraithlord pummeling their way towards Jon’s Blitz.

    Making use of urban camouflage.

    Illegally based Bikes sneaking around the flank.

    Matt’s Children facing off against Jimmy’s Imperial Fists.

    Fellblade on the hunt.

    Karl’s Legio protects and Imperial city.

    She’s gonna blow!

    Andrew starts in with the shelling.

    Frank’s Orks looking for trouble.

    The Coach’s Leviathan looking to drop the hurt on some Knights.

    Shawn’s artillery making a get-a-way.

    Eric’s Freaks burn Kal’s Sisters out of the ruins.

    Trukks roll through some grass.

    Lift with your legs.

    What’s the worst that could happen?

    Kal’s Sisters going hard at Frank’s Orks.

    Get up that hill!

    Grabbing some cover behind the trees.

    Shawn’s Knights are about to get crabs.

    Brad’s crabs.

    Darkest Star Games

    Many fantastic looking minis! Wow!

    Looks like y’all had a great time, I love the variety of forces.  Pretty dang impressive.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    A wonderful display of epic gaming at its best.

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