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    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    I share this new game that we have developed:

    + Scope Panzer is a tank combat card game set in the European theater of WWII. One player leads a squad of American tanks, which faces a squad of German tanks commanded by the other player in a battle of ambush tactics and close-range encounters.

    Get the new installment of the series… or the complete trilogy!


    Scope Trilogy offers all three games of this series recreating three exciting episodes of World War II. Three games with completely different mechanics and themes, easy to play, fast-paced and a lot of fun!

    + Scope U-boot: Two players recreate the tension of the Battle of the Atlantic. Early in World War II, in the middle of the North Atlantic and out of range of air cover, the dreaded German U-boats stalk in wolf packs the Allied convoys carrying essential supplies for the European war effort. One player commands the German submarines attacking a convoy of cargo and escort ships commanded by the other player. The U-boats will try to sink the cargo ships moving through the game area, while the escort destroyers try to locate and destroy the German submarines.


    + Scope Stalingrad: A sniper duel in the battle of Stalingrad. You will have to hide, aim and shoot at the targets before the rival sniper locates your position. Move your decoys wisely to spot the opposing sniper… Be careful! When you shoot, the sound of the shot shows the area where you are hiding…


    The rulebooks are available at Gamefound and you can play online!


    Avatar photowillz

    Cool ideas.

    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    New update!
    Scope Panzer also differs from the other games in the Scope series in its victory conditions, as it can be won in two different ways.

    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    Want to see what’s in the box?
    We’ll open the pre-production copy with you.


    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    We talk about the special tank rules
    A small box full of tactical decisions
    And now, also in French!


    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    Last days!!

    We’re entering the last days of the campaign and there’s still time for you to be surprised by the game possibilities offered by Scope Panzer: fire correction, armor and penetration, terrain and line of sight.
    Today we talk on some more advanced rules


    Last weekend we attended the Ludo Ergo Sum in Madrid. The SCOPE series was a great success among the assistants, we are delighted that you like it as much as we do!


    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    24 hours to the campaign’s end!
    Just for 12€
    SCOPE Panzer and also the rest of the trilogy

    And it’s not only us, or the people who have already played it, but also Tom Vassel in this video of The Dice Tower in which he reviews the first title of the family: SCOPE Stalingrad.

    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    The SCOPE Panzer Late Pledge & the Pledge Manager are now active
    For a short time, as shipments will take place next month
    With exclusive offers only for backers:



    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    SCOPE Panzer and the trilogy… is already in port, about to begin shipping

    To learn more, or get it at a very special Late Pledge price:

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