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    Avatar photoAndy hutchinson

    Hi guys,

    Anyone know of a UK (preferably) supplier of numbered acrylic tokens.  Just the basic numbers 1 through 8

    Specs need to be. 2mm thick, max dimension 25mm. Any shape except a disc.

    I know a couple of companies do custom tokens. But as they are just eye candy not necessities paying for custom is probably uneconomical.

    I can find one manufacturer in the States, but they are a bit far from what I have in mind.

    Any info or help appreciated




    Avatar photoMike

    Must they be acrylic?

    Avatar photoNorthern Monkey

    Warbases do some but they are nearer 3mm http://war-bases.co.uk/CUSTOM-ITEMS/Tokens%20-%20Acrylic its worth e-mailing them they are very helpful

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    Avatar photoAndy hutchinson

    Hi Guys.

    Mike, they do need to be Acrylic, at least from what I have thought through so far. Thought of MDF, but the “etched” numbers need painting. And can’t see anyway of just painting the numerals that wouldn’t involve more effort than I want to put in. With acrylic I can either just spray and then remove protective coating, or if it has been removed already do the cover and wipe clean method.


    NM , warbases are up at border reiver next weekend so was going to investigate their stand. But again, it’s all 3mm acrylic for their custom jobs.


    Why the width matters so much. And I used a warbases MDF base to verify the fit. The tokens are to replace the carboard ID numbers in X wing.  The ones that slide into the base. Not a fan of  carboard. Not sure  how much anyone reading this knows of the game. But you can have Red, Blue, Gold, Rookie sqds, to name a few. You can see where the idea is going. Red sqd gets the numbered painted green, blue sqd gets pink etc ….:-)  (rookie obviously gets green)


    Another option is to then investigate if anyone can print the “named” pilots names onto acrylic. For example…..Luke….Vader……Wedge…. Howlrunner. Saw a site that quoted 1 letter per 4 mm so unless someone can do it smaller the longest tag would need to be 4 cm wide. And I know it’s not really necessary to ID the named pilots like this, it’s pure eye candy.
    Picture worth a thousand words so this is what I am looking at. Rough test on MDF.







    Avatar photodeephorse

    Litko sell numbered tokens, I have many, but I don’t what the specs are (they are currently stored eslewhere!).


    Figures in Comfort sell much of the Litko range in the UK, and if they don’t have it then they can order it from the USA in their next delivery.  They have done so for me in the past.

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    Avatar photoAndy hutchinson

    Hey Deep.

    Litko and cog o two were my first stops as they do specific x wing tokens. I hadn’t noticed the numbered Litko ones. They aren’t listed on the figures in comfort web site. I have a sneaky suspicion they are 3mm though.

    If you run a search on sheet acrylic all the results for coloured are 3mm. The only 2mm stuff is clear.  This is whats making it a bit of a pain in the proverbial.




Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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