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    Anyone have any experience with using Green Stuff World’s texture plates , specifically the mail ones?

    Texture Detail Size: 1mm (S)
    Approximate scale: 1/65 (25mm) to 1/58 (28mm)

    Texture Detail Size: 1,5mm (M)
    Approximate scale: 1/58 (28 mm) to 1/54 (32mm)

    Texture Detail Size: 2 mm (L)
    Approximate scale: 1/54 (32mm) to 1/22 (75mm)

    I’ve read the mail sculpting tutorial and probably brownstuff/procreate would be better than greenstuff for retaining texture. Based on the picture of the dolly covered in medium sized mail, I think it’s too big for 28mm/32mm figures, better suited for 40mm, while small is suitable for 25mm-32mm ones. Am I off?


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