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    Avatar photoNathaniel Weber


    Hey all—did a quick playtest of my sci-fi rules, Off World, which are based on my WWII rules, A Sergeant’s War. The playtest was intended to test out some of the changes I’ve made to the game, to make it faster moving and higher-firepower than the WWII version.

    The scenario: Two days ago, a team of mercenaries attempted a snatch-and-grab operation at the Hanoi Military District Space Port. They were unsuccessful, suffering heavy casualties; the survivors, with several stolen combat droid units, fled the scene in a orbital lighter. UNEM Space Command shot down the lighter before it could lift to orbit and the ship crashed near the Vietnamese/Laotian border.

    UNEM Army forces cannot legally operate in Vietnam, so PAVN troops responded, tracking the crashed ship and encircling the mercenaries with infantry, APCs, and their own combat droids. A shootout followed near a small hamlet in the jungle.

    Some pics below; more pics and a written summary at my blog, http://thedogsbrush.blogspot.com/2015/02/vietnam-2148-ad-science-fiction-playtest.html

    Avatar photoMr. Average

    Not sure if I follow the rules after the photos, but the setup and figures look terrific if nothing else!

    Avatar photoShandy

    Very niceĀ terrain & figures!

    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    Looks good, I have subscribed to the topic, keep us updated!

    Avatar photoNathaniel Weber

    Hey all—we got another playtest of Off World, my science fiction rules in development. in today. The United Nations of Earth and Mars Army, having taken over the occupation duties on the colony world of Kyushu after the UN Marines took control of the coast, are now moving into the highlands to pursue the shattered Kyushan Armed Forces. The KAF has deployed militia troops and droid forces to cover their withdrawal.

    More pics and a full description at my blog, here http://thedogsbrush.blogspot.com/2015/03/logging-road-2-16-kyushan-highlands.html

    Avatar photokyoteblue

    Very cool looking 15mm toys !!!

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