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    The 3rd new toy for DCS in the span of a month. Last year we got just a total. And most likely 2 more to come this month.

    The Kiowa Warrior is a light scout helicopter. That can be used for:


    Scouting (duh)

    Convoy protection

    Forward Air Controller (FAC)

    Used in hunter killer teams with Apache

    Close Air Support

    Supporting special forces teams.

    And also causing mayhem.

    The Kiowa in DCS comes with the ability to carry up to 4 stinger, or 4 Hellfires, or 14 70mm rockets both regular or laser guided. And on the left side a M3P  .50 cal with between 100 and 500 rounds.

    It also carries a selection of smoke grenades that can be thrown out the door.


    Unlike almost all DCS modules this is not an early access thing. It’s “almost complete ”

    Based on real life Kiowa pilots this is the best helicopter flight model in DCS.

    It’s fantastically fun.  You can even grab the M4 from the dash and fire it out of the door.

    My first flight, ended up being an hour long. Taking out a couple of taliban fighters shooting at some special forces guys.

    It’s so fun flying 90 knots 10 feet of the ground.

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