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    Tried to cut n paste several times keep getting formatting errors in the original post – even when I copy and paste from this one?
    Edit can c&p the pictures tho
    This week we players a 300 pt game

    French Forces

    1 Canadian Officer

    10 Marines

    6 Courer de Bois

    2×6 Indians one group with Canoe

    Brit Forces

    1 Officer

    12 Regulars

    8 Rangers

    12 Provincial Infantry

    6 Indians with Muskets

    Missions French Engagment and Brits Scouting


    We played on a 4×4 board and the missions meant I (as the French player) had to stop the Brits from passing through all 4 2×2′ squares and exiting the board with at least 1/3 of his troops intact


    Brits started off well and in the first turn scouted both nearest quarters

    They then decided to try and end the game early and put one unit of Rangers in the middle of the table to get both quarters

    All I had to stop them was one unit of Indians, they charged through the corn and killed the Rangers for the loss of one of their own. In revenge my opponet committed his Indians to the fight but the great manitou was with my Indians as they slaughtered the enemy , this time for the loss of 2 more.

    Meantime by opponents regulars had scouted the third square but I was blocking further progress with my Marines.

    This left the Provincials to do the job

    They advanced past a wood and were shot at by my Courer de Bois, thus


    They promptly retired into the woods out of sight

    This is when the Gods really decided they really were French

    A 1 in 1188 chance occurance meant wild animals attacked my opponents force in the woods



    Close up of some bear on Tory action


    The bear ate two of his troops forcing them to flee out of the woods were they received some more of this


    They then retired again into the woods were my Indians had meanwhile disembarked from their canoe and lay in wait
    They then managed to attack him and this was the result


    Fun game and an astronomical run of bad dice by my opponent rather than my tactics but hey when you are French in the F&IW you take every win!

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    I’ve been sitting on Musket and Tomahawk rules while I finished of painting the troops. I play tested them in a solo game, while I found them a good set for a skirmish game, easy to pick up ideal to take to the club. I need a set that can cope with larger numbers especially in regular troops. I suppose I’ll end up tinkering around with them to suit my needs like we gamers often do with rule sets.

    Avatar photoTruscott Trotter

    Hi Tim
    Very nice painting – turned out better than my French – what make are they?
    We have played Carillon with M&T and had 71 Brits Vs 63 French figures at a ratio of 40-50 to 1.
    It worked fine with 7 players over 3-4 hours

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    The line troops are all Redoubt Enterprises, the officer is a Wargames Foundry from their seven years war Prussian range. I started collecting the figs before the M+T rules came out. each regular battalion has 30 figs with each side having 3 battalions.

    Avatar photoTruscott Trotter

    Nice work after I have finished all my Irregulars and Indians in Redoubt I am going to sell my Northstar/Conquest Marines and regulars and replace them all with Redoubt
    I live their variety of poses and animation
    BTW is that Cpt Scarlet in your Avatar?

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    Yes, both Scarlet and Blue. They are from Crooked Dice under heros and allies and are called time lift security. I have a figure for all the spectrum captains that were in the series. If you’ve not taken a look at CD they have a lot of TV related  stuff.


    Slightly off brief, but have you guys ever used GMTs “Wilderness War” as the basis of a miniatures game? If so, how did it work?

    I keep thinking this would be a very good, campaignable mini-sub-period for my SYW interests.

    My whoring and daubing:

    Avatar photoTruscott Trotter

    No but I have a copy of Struggle for New France (by Shutzo Games) in front of me that I have been trying to decide if it will make a suitable campaign ….mainly to save me finishing my own rules off 🙂


    I’m unfamiliar with Struggle for New France. The thing I like about GMT’s Wilderness War is the card driven element. This would nicely take care of all the ‘historical events’, reinforcements, etc.  I’ve done two Punic Wars campaigns using Hannibal Rome Vs Carthage, which has a similar mechanism, with some success.

    My whoring and daubing:

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