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    Avatar photoMike

    I never get to play much.
    Last year was maybe 3 or 4 games or so?

    The obvious problems are doing games stuff during the day means less inclination to do the same thing as a release from the day ‘job’, and being fussy and painting everything to my best standard slows me down lots.

    I have concluded (whilst painting the bandits for my 15mm Crom games) that in order to get more than 3 games in this year, I will paint the bad guys to a so-so standard, rather than trying my best.

    This will speed up the whole process and allow some actual gaming.
    I have a positive feeling that this year may involve some actual game playing!

    Fingers crossed eh.

    Avatar photoNorm S

    I have accepted that I have to paint to a wargames standard if I am to do what I like most ….. gaming.

    I just like too many periods and also need to paint up both sides.

    I also find that ‘older eyes’ are more forgiving of my brushwork, it is only when I photograph stuff and show it on the screen that the things I never see on the table suddenly slap my face.



    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    I agree with Norm. As long as they look good on the table, them I’m happy. Long gone are the days when I had the time and the energy to paint stuff to a high standard.

    Avatar photokyoteblue

    I just slap paint on vehicles and farm out infantry anymore, so I can get to the game.

    Avatar photoThuseld

    The reason I am so taken by 6mm is because I have an excuse to do fairly basic paint jobs.

    As for resolutions I intend to game more in 2017 but this may also include PC gaming as I repaired my computer. 2016 was my highest wargaming year since my resurgence though. 2012 I didn’t game. Only one game in 2013. Three games in 2014. Zero games in 2015. About 10 games in 2016. So I am happy.

    Avatar photoPatG
    Avatar photoMike

    One of the reasons I don’t feel compelled to paint to my best for the bad guys, is that it will not impact my wages.
    Painting some of my own products badly and then posting them online has the potential to damage sales of that item, I don’t have that worry here with other peoples models.



    Avatar photoShaun Travers

    I mostly stopped painting about 5 years ago.  I realised I prefer gaming to painted and so my limited gaming time should be devoted to playing. I tend to buy pre-loved and pre-painted minis now. I don’t care that much about the paint job, so long at it is “wargames standard” but I do really admire good paintwork when I do score such a thing!

    I get about 25-30 games a  year in, 90% solo. Hoping to increase the FTF games this year.  But I am with PatG – I have signed up for the 6×6 challenge this year that I am unlikely to achieve but will try my best anyway!

    Avatar photozippyfusenet

    I’ve stepped up my gaming over the past year, but mostly at other peoples’ houses, game stores and conventions. I’m very lucky to have this network supporting my appetite for play. But my challenge is to put my own game room back in operation, blow the dust off my own carefully curated collection of models, and host some real lead-based miniatures games at my house. I *think* I *can*, I *think* I *can*, I *think* I *can*…

    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    I find wargaming to be infinitely more enjoyable if you actually play games. I think that’s why it’s called “war-GAMING”.

    So whatever it takes: beautifully painted figures, figures painted by visually challenged people with no opposable thumbs, unpainted figures, other people’s figures. Whatever you can live with &/or achieve. Just get them on the table.



    Avatar photoKaptain Kobold

    Might I suggest:

    A challenge created specifically because if blogs and forums are to be believed, most wargamers are doing nothing but painting figures for games they never seem to play 🙂

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